Makeup Hacks: Try Face Oil with Moisturizer & Foundation in Winter


As we enter the winter months we see changes in the environment and changes in our skin. Many people switch out their skin care products and makeup as the seasons change most notably foundation. Your foundation is the base for your makeup and you need your foundation to work with the state of your skin. During the summer many people wear matte foundations in order to keep their complexion flawless and free of oil and shine throughout the day but in the winter many people tend to go for a foundation that accommodates their drying skin.

Purchasing a foundation for every season is expensive and unnecessary. If you think that you have to go out and buy a new foundation for winter then we are giving you a hack that will allow you to use your foundation all year long!

The Winter Foundation Hack

Instead of giving you the best foundations for winter we are about to tell you how to create the ultimate winter foundation on your own. We are letting you in on a tip that makeup artists having been using for years. You are going to create the perfect foundation for the winter season by mixing your face oil, moisturizer, and foundation together.

The professionals mix products all of the time in order to achieve the perfect result. They mix lipsticks in order to create new colors and they also mix foundation with hydrating products like moisturizer and face oils when they want to give their clients glowing complexions. But another pro tip that you need to remember that this isn’t going to take the place of moisturizing your skin. You still need to ensure that your skin is properly moisturized before you begin.

Glowing Skin Everyday

Glowing skin is all the rage in Hollywood and for every day wear. When the hottest celebrities are walking down the red carpet they have dewy skin. Makeup artists and tastemakers have been favoring a more natural look and skipping the overdone, powdery look. Even if you aren’t strutting for the paparazzi you can look like a celebrity every day of the week at the office or at school. If you want to look like a glam squad spent hours giving you the royal treatment a natural finish is the way to go. It gives you appearance of looking more alert and awake. Brighter skin also makes you looks younger which is something that many people look for in their beauty products.

You can’t do this hack with a powder foundation because you can’t mix a liquid foundation. Liquid foundations are also better at this time of year because they provide a greater amount of moisture to the skin. During the winter time your skin tone might also change, you can mix a lighter foundation with a darker one if you need to.

What You Need:

Everyday liquid foundation

Shop your stash in order to assemble the ingredients that you need to create the ultimate winter foundation.

Your everyday liquid foundation

How To Create and Apply Your Ultimate Winter Foundation?

Starting with clean moisturized skin is a must. Put a dime size amount of your foundation on the back of your hand (make sure that you wash your directly before this process), add a few drops of moisturizer, and a few drops of your favorite face oil.

Next you need to use your makeup brush in order to mix your foundation, moisturizer, and serum together on the back of your hand. When all of the ingredients have combined you can start stippling the mixture onto your face. By applying it with a brush or sponge you will get a more even and perfected finish than you would be able to achieve applying it with your hands. Blend it into your skin and enjoy your radiant finish. You can add powder for a finishing touch or wear it as is depending on what skin type you have. That’s all there is to it!

In Conclusion

Altering your skin care routine and beauty routine during the winter time is something that every person who is vigilant about the health and state of their must do. The humidity levels and temperature begin to drop and you have to alter your routine in order to adapt to the changing environment. Your skin will begin to crave moisture in order to make up the dryness that it experiences during the winter season. Although we can’t control nature we do have control over how we handle nature, which is what inspired this beauty hack.

The great thing about this beauty hack is that you are making use of the products that you already have, and creating a product that is tailored specifically for you. Do it yourself hacks are about making the most of the tools that you have around you and using a bit of creativity to make something new. Many times we rush out and buy products that we don’t need instead of taking advantage of the products that we already own. Your complexion will be hydrated and beautiful and you won’t have to spend a dime to achieve this flawless face. If your foundation just isn’t cutting it during these dry winter months test out this hack and see the difference that it makes!


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