Types of Makeup Brushes & How to Use Them


Do you feel completely clueless and confused over makeup brushes and how you to use each of them? Relax. You’re not alone.

The Dilemma Over Makeup Brushes

Ladies find it difficult to understand exactly what brush they should be using for every cosmetic in their makeup stash. So, the tendency is to either completely drop the use of makeup brushes altogether and completely rely on their fingers and whatever brush or sponge comes together with their palettes and compacts. Or, to stack up on every kind of brush and let it sit just in case they will need this any time soon.

It’s unfortunate that most of us don’t know the proper use of makeup brushes. For one, they’re very expensive. Also, because you can’t possibly achieve great makeup without great makeup bruses – yes, and being aware of how you can use them too for that matter.

One of the questions constantly being asked is whether or not to use synthetic brushes or natural brushes. The answer is, there is no easy response.

In terms of usage, synthetic brushes work well with liqui-based fomulations in your makeup bag. Natural brushes, on the other hand, give better coverage and control over powder-based makeup.

The dilemma over using either type of brush has political undertones, however. Anti-animal cruelty groups and their supporters are demanding to stop the manufacturing and use of natural brushes, which are made from animal fur, altogether. Anyhow, if you own mostly liquid-based makeup, there shouldn’t be any issue.

12 Brushes You Need To Know How To Use

1. Flat foundation brush. If there was one special brush you can’t do without, it is this brush. It isn’t possible at all to achieve great makeup without a good foundation, and good coverage calls for both a great foundation product that suits your skin and a good applicator brush.

Flat Foundation Brush

2. Slim, flat concealer brush. This sleek, round-edged brush gives you superb precision and control so that you can reach all the areas of your face that need concealer coverage and apply the product accurately, without overdoing it. It helps blend in your concealer with your underlying foundation.

3. Impress with a flawless complexion by making sure you’re thoroughly blending in your concealer with the right type of brush. The other end will have a u-shaped brush ideal for applying concealer meticulously, especially over areas that are hard to reach with just any kind of brush.

Right type of Brush

4. Spooley Eyebrow Brush. Use this brush to apply your liquid eyebrow gel, then use it again after you’ve topped it with eyebrow pencil. This brush leaves your eyebrows nothing but naturally looking eyebrows without the harsh lines.

5. Spooley Eyelash Brush. You do need another spooley brush for your mascara. In fact, these are often slimmer, better bristled, and easier to use for a sheer mascara application that the spooley that comes with your tube of mascara. This brush comes in different shapes and bristle sizes. Be sure to choose one that either gives you volume or curl.

Spooley Eyelash Brush

6. Buff compact powder / bronzer brush. The broadest brush in the bunch, this brush is perfect for applying compact powder and bronzer. When using this brush, tap a small amount of your compact powder or bronzer at the back of your hand or, use the product cover. Pick up the product with your buff blush kind of a c-stroke. Turn your brush upside down. Give it a quick tap or two before blending into your makeup. Remember, when applying compact powders or bronzers, never bounce the buff brush and instead gently glide over the brush on your skin.

7. Blusher. The slimmer version of your buff brush, the blusher allows you to add subtle, natural looking cheek glow exactly where you want a little blush to appear.

8. Flat, fan brush. For loose powder, apply with this slim fan brush which looks like a miniature broom. It ensures that you don’t buff your loose powder but that you get only a light coverage and end with a silky finish.

Flat fan brush

9. Angled eye shadow brush. This brush also comes in a sponge version but, a brush tip gives you better control and precision, and better blending capabilities as well.

10. Assymetrical eyeliner brush. Perfect that cat-eye looky using this brush. Angle your application differently depending on the thickness of eyeliner that you want to achieve.

11. Pencil brush. One of the thinnest brusher in your collection, this brush is perfect for emphasizing makeup details, including dropping a metallic color or a white eye shadow on your tear ducts to add whim to your look.

12. Lip brush. Frame your lips well. You can get clear, defined lip lines only by using a slim-tipped lip brush.


Learning the different uses of makeup brushes and putting these into action is never an easy thing to do. But, every time you exert an effort to learn and use them, slowly you become acquainted with each brush, and each time, you are able to optimize their use and potential. Unleash the makeup artist in you, and get the most from your makeup products by using the right tools.


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