Understanding And Improving Relationships


Improving RelationshipRelationships are important and you know deep down that you really love your partner dearly, but gosh, he can be a real pain sometimes! Many times when you ask for help in simple things you get a flat refusal and some excuse about being very busy and that now it not a good time and so on. By this you get the feeling that he is difficult, cranky, irritating and stubborn. You feel your anger rising as you look at your man and start wondering what actually you saw in him since the beginning. This gets you even angrier and self-righteous.

Well, you only asked him to look after the baby for a short time till you had your shower.

As you are getting into the shower your anger has reached its peak and you are thinking how he could dare to speak to you like this, when you are doing majority of the chores in the house and also taking care of the children while going to work. You hardly ever ask anything from him and before going for your shower you pull your kid violently from his arms and angrily declare that you are off to your mother’s place.

He on the other hand is wondering what he has done now, while you are thinking that he can figure it out, and you are not going to tell him.

Sharing these sorrows with your mom might be comforting for some time but doesn’t it make far better sense not to get worked up in the beginning itself and have an understanding relationship.

How to Build the Egg of Love Nest?

So get a nest egg and not the one of money, but which is made of love. This is something you will be able to rely on when your man is lazy, cranky and irritating and you do not feel like living with him.

This egg is actually a list that you will be compiling, which shows the various points that makes him wonderful. You can keep adding points to the list when you see him being sweet and considerate. This egg has to be stashed away carefully preferably in your personal drawer and you can stare at it and remind yourself of his lovable qualities. This will bring back memories about loving and dating and also about your first date. This will deepen your love for him. Oh see, you already have a big smile on your face.

Take your time in building this egg of love nest and keep going back to it when he is giving you a tough time. This will definitely improve all aspects of you relationships with him.
Improving Relationship