Useful Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes


If you are searching for best makeup tips and wanted to know more about doing makeup, then here is some helpful information. We usually do not know the right technique of perfect make-up. If you learn how to do makeup and what cosmetics to use, then you can also do your own make-up.

Doing make-up by using cosmetics tips can be learned easily by anyone with special guidance. Specially women can learn these cosmetic tips and add more to her natural look. When you follow the right and perfect cosmetic tips you can add more flavor to your attractive look. This will make you confidence and feel absolutely best at all times in every occasions. Other people will notice improvement in your makeup beauty and make more you look more attractive.

In all learning to apply cosmetics in proper way is an art that not only enhances your beauty but also makes you confidence for approaching any field of work. The perfect makeup involves makeup of eyes, foundations,, eye lid shape, lip shading, lipstick, colors and many more.

There is lot to know about makeup and it makes a long list of all cosmetic tips. Let us know something about eye makeup. Usually there are rounded and winged eye shadow shape shades. If you want to know what type of shading shape will suit you then you can try rounded shading shape to one eye and wringed shading shape to other eye. This will help you to know the best one that suits you.

You should try all shades and see which one looks best. Many times we feel that some odd shades will not suit you, but after you try them, it will be to your surprise to see those odd shades looking great. The space between your eyelids crease of eye and eyebrow is too much then prefer using winged shape shading, provided the skin around is not sagging.

  • While applying shading shadows on your eyes various things are need to taken place.
  • For rounded eye shadows certain directions and instructions need to follow, these are:
  • High light eye shadow across your eyelid, right from lash line to above crease and all over to eyebrows.
  • Apply medium shade eye shadow to eyelid below the eyelashes.
  • Emphasize more eye shadow at the outer portion of eye and blend it well.
  • Give a finishing by lining upper and lower by using eyeliner pencil.

For rounded eye shadow, you need to follow some instructions given below:

  • Apply a highlighter eye shadow all way to eyebrows as in above case
  • Inner lid of eye shadow can be toned in mid
  • Line upper as well as lower lashes with eye liner pencil
  • For Winged eye shadow use following application:
  • High light eye shadow same as in above case
  • Apply medium shape eye shadow color on lid
  • Finish up with lining upper and lower eyeliner pencil

Just know the technique to apply eye shadow to create shape, which will make your eye look more attractive.

After knowing the shape of skin around your eye, you can try various shades to highlight along with shadows together that will enhance your beauty more. Always shade the creases of eyes that can have to match with the other skin.

Some of the shades and shadows for high lighting purpose that you can very well try are as follows:

High light eyelid by applying eye shadows surrounding the shading. This is well suited for little older and hooded eyes.

Emphasize on highlighting eyelid with light wing shading. This is well suited for younger deep set eyes.

Shadow the eyelid with round shading that is best suited for prominent lids and younger eyes.

Best suited eye shade makeup for younger deep set eyes is to shade eyelid with wing shading.

This will help you to properly give shades to your eyes, thus providing with perfect eye makeup.


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