Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas To Make You Look Cute and Sexy


You must have already heard, Kylie Jenner has just launched her Valentine’s Day Makeup Collection which consists of three new lip kit shades, two mini palettes each with two eye shadows and two lip shades, and the new to-watch-out-for Kylie’s Diary. While these products make a good addition to your beauty stash, you might already have something going on in your palette that will create for you the romantic V-Day look that you’re going for.

V-Day 2017: Top looks

There can be nothing but the best for a Valentine’s Day Makeup look. Everybody’s going to be goo goo-eyed and wearing their best date dresses so you better put on your A-Game. Here are top makeup ideas for Valentine’s:

1. Romantic Dinner Look

Romantic Dinner Look

In this look, you want the intriguingly mysterious side of you to come through the flickering candles on the dinner table. Therefore, what you want is makeup that will enhance the way you stare at your date. It’s the perfect setting for a smoky eye with just a hint of glitter.

Use a dark shade in onyx and another in a dark grey shade to create a shadow for your eyes. Use the lighter shade first to cover the area from the top of your upper eyelid up to about an inch from your eyebrows. Use the darker shade to color the portion under your eyefold. Line your eyelids in black. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Use your blush to create a subtle contour. Put on a deep pink or deep red matte lipstick to complement your look.

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2. Movie Date Look

Movie Date Look

You want your blush to shine through the darkness of the cinema. First, apply your lightweight BB cream. Draw your eyebrows in the same shade as your hair. Line the undersides of your eyebrows with white liner or highlighter. Create an eyeshadow using three nude shades — silver powder, light brown and a brown that is two shades deeper. You may also use pinkish and peachy shades.

Use a shimmery cream blush for your cheeks. Make sure it touches the sides of your ears. Use a shimmery liquid lip liner in the same shade as your eyeshadow. Curl your eyebrows. Use your white eyeliner to line your lower eyelids.

3. Outdoor Date Look

Outdoor Date Look

This Valentine’s Day makeup practically expresses that you like to be desirable but, you don’t want to be a vamp. Even out your complexion using a shimmery BB Cream. Leave your cover up sheer. Next, groom and line your eyebrows to a full, bushy look.

Apply a frosted or matte lip shade in bright pink or deep burgundy.

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Mathematician, Blaise Pascal, once wrote, “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing”. There’s nothing about makeup that has to be tackled too technically. In fact, all you need to know is how you want to make it and the rest will follow. So, go ahead and play!

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