Victoria Beckham’s Latest Beauty Obsession


Victoria Beckham is one of the top fashion cons today. Aside from fashion, her opinion on beauty products is also highly regarded by women from all over the world. A couple years ago, she claimed that she couldn’t even get into popular fashion shows. Now style insiders and normal folks are queuing up to buy clothes with her name. In fact, clothes by Victoria Beckham are selling like hotcakes while other popular brands like Yohji Yamamoto, Roland Mouret and Givenchy are being ignored. Regardless of your opinion of Victoria whether you love her or hate her, there is no stopping her when it comes to beauty and fashion. You might be shocked when you hear about Victoria Beckham’s latest beauty obsession.

The Details

Victoria Beckham’s Latest Beauty Obsession

Mrs. Beckham can purchase any beauty product in the world regardless of price or exclusivity. This is why when she recommends something, a lot of people listen. Victoria Beckham’s latest beauty obsession is a $20 hand cream by Royal Apothic which is a company based in Los Angeles. It can be purchased from Anthroplogie. The mother-of-four is so impressed with how the beauty product keeps her hands soft and youthful. She even tweeted about it along with a picture of the cream she is raving about.

The hand cream by Royal Apothic is available in five scents but Victoria prefers the Holland Park. According to the website, this particular option is non-greasy and features notes of magnolia, musk and jasmine, lemon, peach and orange, and it is inspired by one of the most beautiful parks in London. The other offerings are called Meyer Blooms, City of Angels, Kensington Garden and Balmoral. The key ingredients of the ultra-moisturizing lotion are safflower seed oil, glycerine, water and fragrance. It comes in 4 fl. oz.
containers and is manufactured in the United States.

A spokesperson from Anthroplogie stated that they are thrilled and flattered that Victoria is a customer and even tweeted about one of their products. Even though this is not the first time that Victoria has tweeted about a beauty product, this is still significant. In fact, her tweet about the hand cream is probably one of the reasons why sales of the hand cream suddenly spiked.


Victoria Beckham’s latest beauty obsession is proof that you don’t need very expensive products only for your beauty regimen. Even affordable products like the hand cream from Royal Apothic can be as effective as products that cost two or even five times more. You just have to be smart and be on the lookout for affordable yet quality beauty products that can help you become a lot more beautiful. If you want to save a bundle, you can re-evaluate the beauty products you’re using and look for more affordable options that can give you the same or even better effects.


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