Victoria Thornewell Transformation from Beauty Queen to Body Builder


Challenges in life either come to make or break you, or so they say. Whenever faced with a situation, the way you handle it determines if you will succeed or be crushed to the ground. All this is determined by your attitude towards the whole thing. Let’s face it. Not every time will you have the strength to fight back every challenge you come across. Sometimes you are too weak or too scared to do it. This is especially true if you are a kid. So young and vulnerable and hasn’t yet discovered the various ways of dealing with situations. Such is the story of 21 year old, Victoria Thornewell, from Leicester; a story of resilience and hope.

The Challenge

When Victoria was in high school, she encountered bullies. Now, bullying is by all means the worst thing that could happen to a teenager, but if they touch on the issue of looks, then that is bound to leave the victim crushed to the ground. A group of mean teenagers decided that Victoria was not beautiful enough. To them she was ugly. Remember she was in her teenage years where as she puts it “it’s all about your appearance and it was important for me to stand up and feel confident in front of people”. The experience lowered her self confidence greatly. She couldn’t believe in herself any more.

The Triumph

For someone deemed as ugly by other people, it is hard for them to participate in a beauty pageant. This was not the case with Victoria. In her teenage years she dabbled in modeling, not sure if it was something she wanted to pursue in life. In 2014, she entered the Miss Leicester pageant, after she saw an advert in Facebook. As destiny would have it, she ended up winning the pageant. The experience changed her life immensely. It improved her self confidence in the sense that it was the first time she been in front of so many people. It however pained her that the same people from whom she got support from when she won the beauty pageant had kept quite when she got bullied in school. ‘Where were you when people were calling me ugly? She wondered.

There was no stopping from that moment hence forth. Apart from participating in a number of charities, she went ahead and become ninth in the Miss Great Britain Pageant, held in November 2014. For A girl once deemed as ugly by her fellow classmates, this was quite a victory. She is beautiful and nobody can take that away from her. Not even those mean bullies.

Body Building

Miss Thornewell Bodybuiding

Out of curiosity, in February this year, Miss Thornewell went to watch a show in Leicester on Body Building. Inspired by the body builders, she knew that was exactly what she wanted to pursue. “I didn’t believe in myself before, that’s why I wanted to go on stage and do bodybuilding as well as the beauty queen work I’d done.” Nineteen weeks of nothing but intense workouts was what she started with. It was characterized by forty five minutes of weight lifting every five days in a week. At the tenth week, she was introduced to forty minutes of cardio to her plan every other day by her couch. She was also given the precise food portions to get her through the journey. The diet was mainly made up of lots of lean meat.

She would later be crowned as the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Champion. She says she is into body building and this is what she wants to pursue- a body-building beauty queen if you may. Her boyfriend of three years, Rick has no problem with this decision and supports her. He is actually a gym fanatic also. At the moment, she is starting early preparations for the UKBFF National Finals qualifier in April 2016.


With her new acquired muscled physique, Miss Thornewell looks into a future in competitive body building. She is no longer hiding from her looks and she has embraced her muscled torso proudly. From her we learn that it’s not a matter of what people say or think about you but rather what you think about yourself. Never let anyone put you down.


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