Vintage Beauty Tips


All of us want to look beautiful. However, what is in today isn’t necessarily in tomorrow. Those who are the most beautiful have a timeless look about them. They know how to always appear graceful and naturally radiant. The trick is appearing as if you have nothing on. You don’t want to draw attention to your makeup. I’m here with some vintage beauty tips that can help you uncover the beauty that lies within.

Being graceful means carrying yourself with a confidence that others can clearly see. If you want to exude confidence, you need to work on the way you walk and sit. When you walk, make sure that you keep your toes pointed straight ahead. People tend to get lazy and point them outward. This looks ugly and sloppy.

Early in the morning is when we can get started on a beautiful foot, not an ugly one. Breakfast is a big part of looking attractive. None of us feel attractive when we eat like horses. How do you go about keeping yourself from eating a million snacks before lunch? Why not have shake that is sure to keep your tummy satisfied for several hours. Whip up a shake consisting of a block of tofu, skim milk and honey. Blend this baby up and drink it down. You’ll be good until lunch.

Do you have rough knees or elbows? I think we’ve all encountered this at some point in our lives. Incorporating an exfoliating moisturizing cream is the way to smooth out that skin. If you are out of cream and you need a quick fix, cut open a lemon. That’s right. The citric acid in the lemon will exfoliate your skin.

Having trouble with unsightly acne? You can prevent this by using a natural soap like Dove and by meditating. Meditation has been shown to relax people in ways other actions cannot. Since stress can cause pimples, take a deep breath and meditate. Meditating once a day will help your nerves and your skin.

Speaking of skin, you should be protecting it from the sun. Nearly 90% of wrinkles are caused by the sun. You should be wearing sun block every day to prevent these harmful rays from damaging your skin. This prevention will also help you reduce your risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer. If you are beautiful, it doesn’t matter if you have a tan or not.

When trying to decide on a foundation for your skin, go see a makeup specialist. The majority of women pick the wrong shade for their foundation. This can cause a distinct line that goes around their chin. Don’t look like an amateur. Take the time to speak with someone who can direct you to the right foundation for your pigmentation.

These timeless tips will help you look and feel beautiful in no time. Don’t be jealous of what others have. If you enhance your features by using these tips, pretty soon you’ll be happy with what you have. Being happy is the first step in exuding the confidence and grace everyone longs for.


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