Want To Know the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face?


Every single person has different looks, different face shape and altogether different personalities. It is very important to have a perfect and different hair style that can not only suit you but also suit your personality at the same time.

Today you can find many hair styles and many hair products in the market to make you look stunning. But it is very difficult to select a perfect hairstyle for you. Until and unless you get your hair cut it becomes very difficult to guess which one will suit you. You should select a hairstyle by keeping your lifestyle in your mind. Your hair type and your face structure are of course utmost important.

We choose our clothes, accessories and our makeup according to our personality, our skin tone our complexion. But while setting up a hairstyle we do not consider all these important factors that enhance our beauty. This is because it is very difficult for us to find out what type of hair style may or many not suit us. Also many times we fail to select the best hair stylist. We totally rely on our hair dresser while we go in a parlor to get a hair cut. This is actually completely wrong. Many hairstylists do not have a proper sense of hairstyles and even they fail to give a proper shape to your hair.

Relying completely on your hairstylist is totally wrong. You must first recognize your face shape before going for a hair cut. And cut them accordingly. There are different face shapes like oval, round, square, heart and long.

Have Oval Shaped Face:-

Oval shape is probably the best shape face. You are very lucky if you have an oval shaped face. This is because both long and short hair cut suits oval shape. It is an ideal shape for any hairstyle or hair cut.

Got Round Shaped Face:-

If you have round shaped face then you must remember that all hair types will not suit you. Round shape means having a wider hairline than normal or oval shape. So you must adopt that hair style which can help your face look slimmer. You should not have straight hairstyles. You can have short shoulder length hair. You can curl the hair on side. It will look grate.

Have The Most Beautiful Heart Shaped Face?

If your face is narrow at your chins and wide at the temples you have a heart shaped face. You can go with short chin length hair cut. Short shags, bobs, swept layers and delicate bangs would look stunning on your face.
Avoid selecting a hair style that will expose your upper face. This will make your chin look narrower.

If You Have Long Shaped Face:-

If your face is long, you can try straight hanging hair style. You can also go for volumes, bob cut also suits this shaped face. You can also have a heavy layered style which looks perfect on a long shaped face.

Have Square Shaped Face:-

People with strong jaw line can be placed in the category of square shaped face. Short or medium hair cuts suits you the most. Do not ever go with long straight hair with centre parting.

Not only hair styles but also try using different hair products that can help your hair look great.


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