Living The Supermodel Life: What It’s Like To Live Under The Spotlight


Before you start thinking that they’re out partying, just being glamorous and celebrating the time of their lives in ways nobody else among us normal people can, think again. Peeking into the lives of today’s top models will make you change the way you think about them and what they do.

Here’s what a typical supermodel’s life looks like in this day and age of ultra consumerism and light speed communication:

1. The Day Always Starts Early

Start Early Day

Supermodels answer to calls throughout the day, which quite often, around midday and on-wards. So, a supermodel that wants to have some quiet time for herself to gather her thoughts, sip her coffee or tea in peace, and have time left to throw punches in the gym before her day starts knows that early mornings are the best time to wake up to.

2. Lunch Is Always Taken On a Fast-break

Lunch Is Always Taken On a Fast-break

Supermodels run all the time. Sure, they are the celebrities people love to love but surely, there are kingmakers in the world of fashion that even they have to please as well. That means, making sure they’re ready, present, gorgeous and never late during go-sees. That means taking snacks on-the-go and quick sit down lunches.

3. Back-To-Back Meetings

Back-To-Back Meetings

Supermodels, the most successful names at least, are very smart and highly motivated individuals. They almost always have something else going on the sides — they manage their own modeling agencies, setup a fashion house or formulate a cosmetics line. There’s always so much going on.

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4. Late Night Meetings / Parties

Late Night Meetings / Parties

Kendall Jenner, her beautiful face getting her on the covers and runways of the biggest names in fashion, tells Harper’s Bazaar that surrounding herself with her friends is what keeps her grounded. “I think part of staying inspired and happy really comes from surrounding yourself with the right energy,” she says.

5. Knocking Up Sleep Wherever They Are

Knocking Up Sleep Wherever They Are

Whether on the road, in the car, in a couch or on-board a plane bound for overseas, supermodels have to be able to master the art of falling asleep because that may be the only chance they get to have their much needed beauty rest. There isn’t always soft beds and cuddly pillows around.

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6. Hardly Getting Any Vacation

Getting Any Vacation

Gigi Hadid, one of the most in-demand models these days, confesses during an interview with Harpers Bazaar, “I work almost every day”. When they really get big, supermodels are called to cast in different places around the world. So other than the daily grind they live with, they also have to jet set from New York to Dubai to Milan to Paris and then to Tokyo. Twenty-four hours is never enough.


Still dreaming of becoming a model? Then, dream big but it’s not always fame and fortune. It takes a lot of guts and hard work too.

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