Wear A Black Nail Polish In 11 Different Ways


Black nail polish is classic and there are many creative ways of wearing it. In the old times, black nail polish was done by emos, Goths, teen witches and people who are engaged in rock. In the recent times, the use of black nail polish is popular and most celebs have been spotted wearing the nail polish. When picking a nail polish for the summer, it is advisable to choose a high glass, opaque and rich top coat. Choosing a more light reflection will keep the manicure looking clean and beautiful. The richer and deeper the color, the more neutral it reads. It is therefore advisable to choose a color that will complement the season and your skin. Choose the saturated navys, intense greens, dark grays, rich raspberries, deep aubergines and jet blacks for summer and leave the muted and muddier colors for the winter. It is also important to consider the clothing for the final finish when wearing a black nail polish. It is important to treat the nail polish like any other accessory and make sure that it goes with what you are wearing. It is important to maintain balance by pairing the dark and light colors. One should always ensure that the base coat is applied even in cases where one is not concerned about the nail polish staining the nails. The base coat is very important especially when one is applying the dark hues, because it holds onto the pigment and these aids to avoid chips.

The nail polish tips that can be used when wearing a black nail vanish include:

Awesome ombre

This is a nail polish tip where black nail polish is used to create an ombre effect together with the red nail vanish. In cases where ,the red nail polish is too bold, it is advisable to swap it with the individual’s favorite color.

Marvelous matte

The Jessica black matte set provides a variety where one can choose whether to have a traditional and glossy black nails or the modern matte. Matte nails help to add an air of pleasure to the outfit worn. It also aids in toning down the intensity of the traditionally high shine polish.

Subtle sparkle

This tip helps to add a sparkle to the manicure using a glittery black nail polish. The speckles contained in the polish will give a subtle shimmer to the individuals look and one can even get away with wearing it while going to work.

Marble monochrome

Marble monochrome

This will help to make a stylish statement using black and white nail polishes. This style of nail polish can go well with retro and vintage clothing. If you fancy something funkier, it is advisable to swap out the white polish.

Black velvet

Flocking powder will give the nails a velvety finish which will help to inject some texture into the manicure. The nails that have a flocking powder will look incredible with a velvet dress for winter or fall.

Futuristic fingertips

Transform your look to a space babe and have flaunted futuristic fingernails using a holographic black nail polish. Be sure to look super and out of this world. It is advisable to wear this nail polish with celestial accessories and a metallic garment.

Glitter gradient

This is a nail polish tip that would be perfect for a party. It offers a gorgeously glam style that is suitable for pleasure and celebration seasons. Pick the favorite colored glitter or color that will coordinate well with your outfit for a final polished look.

Transformative coat

People who wish to dip the toe into the noir nail pool should try a black nail polish top coat. Wear this edgy, black confetti top coat with the favorite hue below or underneath . One can even wear the edgy black confetti on its own without having another hue underneath.

Noir stars

This black nail polish will add a galactic finish with some stars. Layer the black stars all over with some clear nail polish on top to have the full effect. To enjoy a subtle finish, it is advisable to add one star at the centre of each nail with either nude nails or a black background.

Punk studs

Crunk up the look with some spiked studs placed on top of the black manicure. This nail polish tip will provide a good look for the Halloween or all the year around when going out for a bad vibe with the girls.

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

This nail polish tips is a favorite to the followers of fashion as it takes inspiration from the iconic fashion. This tip will give one an irresistible look while matching with the favorite outlook.


The black nail polish is becoming popular in the recent times and most celebs have been spotted wearing it. There are many nail polish tips that one can use when wearing the black nail polish. It is important to balance the dark and white hues and treat the nail polish as one of the accessories.


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