Wear A Stylish Milkmaid Braid


Summertime is the best time to try a new hairstyle that is stylish and keeps you cool when the sun is sizzling. The milkmaid braid is an attractive look that looks equally great by the pool or for a night out on the town. Many Hollywood celebrities are trying out these latest braids during the summer months but all ladies get a cute style that is easy to recreate. This versatile style looks great on everyone and gives you a polished look without overdoing it. The look can be finished with accessories to match any outfit.

Wear A Stylish Milkmaid Braid Wear A Stylish Milkmaid Braid

This style is natural and, at the same time, practical. It keeps the hair out of the eyes and sweeps it back from the face for a comfortable style even on a sweltering hot day. One version of this style is to put them in around the forehead for a feminine look. Even ladies with short hair can take advantage of this style with the addition of hair extensions.

Stylish Milkmaid BraidStylish Milkmaid Braid

The style is versatile enough to embellish with cute accessories like barrettes. There are some lovely pieces that look great for a romantic dinner or a summer beach party. Some ladies get creative with strips of fabric when braiding the hair. Simply divide the hair into sections, insert a piece of fabric and work it in as you braid the hair. Any color or patterned fabric works well for this stylish look. Wearing the hair in braids during the summer is stylish and comfortable.

Milkmaid BraidMilkmaid Braid

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