Amazing Wedding Nail Art And Manicure You Should Definitely Try


“I don’t like plain nails. I get sad,”Zooey Deschanel would say, and a lot of women share her sentiment. Other than her face, a woman who’s got an eye for style would normally be concerned about how her fingernails and toenails would appear. Women would spend painstaking hours to get ‘em nails done! So, it’s only proper to dress them up wedding style too.

Wedding Nail Art Ideas To Match Your “I Do.”

Below are 6 nail art ideas to inspire you to have beautiful hands for your groom to have and to hold on your wedding day:

1. Themed Nails

Themed Nails

Consider coloring your nails in your chosen motif. To make it stand out from the background, use matte and add creativity by using colored rhinestones in complementary shades or, you can always keep it safe with clear stones. Glue the rhinestone at the bottom of each nail.

2. French Manicure

French Manicure

This nail painting technique never ceases to get its cult following. How can you not love it? It makes your nails super dainty. Tweak the painting a little by choosing to color your tip in a shade that matches your wedding theme but in a pastel shade. That way, you are simply highlighting your beautifully groomed nails.

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3. Glittered Matte

Glittered Matte

This nail polish technique will work wonderfully on darker shades of lacquer. Deep burgundy, midnight blue and plum are all wonderful shades to wear for a wedding. Coat your nails with matte. Then, sprinkle glitter powder over it while it’s still wet. You can glitter the entire nail or just pick out a portion.

4. Pastels And Pearls

Pastels And Pearls

There can be no other jewelry more appropriate to wear for a wedding than pearls. You can wear them on your nails too. Paint your nails in pastel shades of pinks, peaches, oranges or corals. Choose the tip or the moon part of your nails to line tiny pearls on.

5. Glittered Tips

Glittered Tips

Use a nude peach, blush pink or taffeta white as your base. Take a glitter powder to set only on the nail tips. Seal with a top coat. You may also add in pearls or rhinestones for added impact.

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6. Striped Beauty

Striped Beauty

Alternate matte and silky in the same shade over each of your nails to create a striped look. This technique is suave and suited for your very special occasion. Line across each nail with your bare, steady hands.


Bring your best self and your best nails. With your bestfriend by your side, have your vow ready. Most of all, make sure you are prepared to make room for one more in your heart.

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