Weird Hair Tricks Every Celebrity is Trying!


Good, nice looking hair is the epitome of beauty. This doesn’t however mean you only need hair to look beautiful; far from it. A lot of other things need to be put in place for that awesome look to really come out. If honesty is anything to go by, we all love learning new hairstyles every once in a while. A new hair color, a hair mask is something we enjoy doing every once in a while. But most importantly, knowing what the celebrities do to their hair that keep it looking great and easily managed is what we wonder most. It seems like they don’t suffer from “bad hair day” like most of us. What’s their secret? Well, wonder no more as in this article we are going to talk about all those weird hair tricks that every celebrity is trying. They include:

1. Clean The Scalp With Baking Soda

If you are looking to have your hair start growing again, then you need to embrace this trick. Many times when there is oil and product builds up on the scalp, it may tend to clog the pores putting a halt on the growth of the hair. You have noticed that your hair reached a certain length and then all of a sudden it didn’t grow any more. Baking soda will help you through. Create a paste with baking soda and water and use it to wash the hair. Rinse the hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar to ensure it’s completely clean and feels good too.

2. Coca-Cola For Your Hair

I know what you are asking- the soda? Yes the soda. According to supermodel Suki Waterhouse while talking to Us Weekly, said that she washes her hair with Coca-Cola to make it tousled. I know it sounds crazy but if you want to move from the usual fine and limp hair to tousled one, you may want to try this trick. The good thing is that it’s inexpensive. The sugar content in it is a concern though.

3. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

This helps to prevent hair breakage as you toss and turn during the night. The theory behind this is that as you toss, friction is created between your hair and other textures such as cotton. This friction is attributed to the hair damage and breakage that occurs during the night. To solve this, simply buy a silk pillowcase. You will have a good night sleep and protect your hair at the same time.

4. Homemade Shampoo For Brunettes

Homemade Shampoo For Brunettes

The white residue left on the hair when a brunette or red head uses dry shampoos on her hair is quite a turn off. To avoid this, you can do make a dry shampoo from the ingredients readily available in the house. Mix two teaspoons of both corn starch and cocoa with a dash of cinnamon. Apply the mixture on the roots of your hair and shake well with the fingers to evenly distribute the mixture. In no time, you will be having a refreshed head of hair and save a few coins while at it.

5. Lemons For Hair Coloring

If you are looking to have subtle highlights for the summer and your wallet is not up for it, don’t worry anymore. I know exactly what you need. Lemon juice has been used from since time immemorial to bleach hair. Simply put some lemon juice in a clean bowl and, with a truth brush, apply it on the hair. Let it sit in for an hour or so. To improve the lightening, stay on under the sun during this time. Ensure you are wearing the right amount of SPF though to prevent skin damage. Repeat this procedure every once or twice in a week to see the results, as lemon juice takes time before it bleaches the hair.

6. Tame The Baby Hairs

We all have them and we always wonder how we can make them sit correctly with the rest of the hair. They are really annoying at times. Well, they don’t have to annoy you any more as we have a trick that will make sit well and look amazing at the same time. All you need is a tooth brush and hairspray. Spray the toothbrush’s brittles then use it to comb the baby hairs and cowlicks. Trust me; they will look great in no time.

7. Chlorine Protection

Chlorine Protection

If you love the pool, then the damage and color turning that chlorine cause might have annoyed you at some point. Since it’s hard to stay away from the pool, you can do something to prevent chlorine from damaging your hair. Wet your hair and saturate in your favorite conditioner. Ensure it’s completely wet before entering in the pool. This ensures that the hair does not absorb the chlorine filled water in the pool but rather stays saturated with the chlorine free water together with the conditioner.


The above tricks will help you manage your hair better. Call them hair shortcuts if you may but one thing is for certain, they come in handy especially when you have little time dedicated to your hair. You may ask you stylist for a few more tricks but even with these ones you are good to go. Don’t shy away from trying them and see which one works best for you.


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