What are the Active Ingredients in Lip Plumping Glosses?


Lip plumping glosses are, by far, the most common lip plumping product on the market. They are popular in this part of the cosmetic industry because they are easy to use and they work as promised. If you have thin lips, or your lips are not as smooth and youthful looking as you would like, then it may be worth the investment to try lip plumping glosses. These products contain ingredients that act on the tissues in the lips and cause the lips to increase in size and fullness. Here is a breakdown of the most common active ingredients found in lip plumping lip glosses.


This is a plant in the nightshade family. It is more commonly known by the fruit it produces which are chili peppers, red and green peppers, and sweet peppers. The capsicum found in lip plumping glosses is typically cultivated from chili peppers. It is in the same family as the capsicum found in pepper spray. When applied to the lips, as is the case with lip plumping glosses, the pepper irritates the skin and causes them to swell in reaction. The effect usually dissipates after a few hours, which is why you must reapply lip plumping glosses every so often during the day.

Hydrophilic Ingredients

Other lip plumping glosses contain hydrophilic ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, that draw water to the lips. The lips swell as they absorb the excess hydration and lip plumping glosses tend to contain emollients that work to trap the moisture inside. Unlike capsicum, you will not feel any tingling or stinging when using lip plumping glosses with this type of ingredient. But again, the effects are temporary and require consistent use in order to maintain lip fullness and smoothness.

Circulatory Stimulants

Another way lip plumping glosses stimulate lip growth is by increasing the flow of blood to the lips. Using the same technology found in Viagra, these lip plumping glosses typically include ingredients like L-Arginine Nitric Oxide Synthase and menthol. In addition to filling out the lips, the increased blood flow brings natural color to them. You could get away with only using clear lip plumping glosses for a natural look. These lip plumping glosses also decrease the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. When shopping for lip plumping glosses, be sure to look at the list of ingredients to make sure it contains ones you feel are safe to use.


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