Is Skin Peeling the Right Choice for You?


What is Peeling Skin?

Have you experienced where your skin starts to peel. This condition is common and there are several underlying causes to it. When you notice peeling skin, it is important that you do not just shrug it off since there may be a serious condition underlying it. Peeling skin is the loss of the upper part or layer of the skin. This occurs due to several factors. From sun damage to infection, it can also be a sign to other disease or disorder. Knowing the causes as well as the different treatments to get rid of it can definitely help.


Skin Problems: Skin Peeling Causes

1. Sunburn

One of the main causes of peeling skin is sunburn. When you are too much exposed under the sun, your skin tends to get really dry. This happens since the upper layer of the skin or the epidermis is damaged brought about by the excessive exposure.


2. Eczema

When you have eczema, your skin tends to peel. This is a medical condition where the skin is irritated as well as inflamed. People who have eczema have flare ups and they may also experience having itchy rashes especially when they are exposed to different substances and other external factors.


3. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease where the skin is inflamed. Those who have psoriasis are sensitive to various external factors. When a person has Psoriasis, he or she may experience skin peeling. Although this condition is not contagious, it does not have at the moment 100% curable.

Allergic Reactions

4. Allergic reactions

When you are allergic to certain substances, one of the reactions of the skin is that it peels. This is the usual reaction of the skin. A person experiences a scaling skin. Allergic reactions apart from skin peeling include hives, swelling, itching, etc.

5. Infections


Skin infection is also one of the main causes of skin peeling. People suffering from fungal infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm may experience having peeling skin. When you notice your skin peels in your foot chances are, it can be attributed to skin infections.

6. Immunity disorders

Immunity Disorders

However, apart from the mentioned causes of skin peeling, there are serious conditions that result to peeling skin. For instance, if you have immune disorders, you may also have peeling skin. The body reacts in various ways which then results to your own immune system attacking body tissues. This would depend on the condition and it can affect different organs, muscles, joints and other tissues.

7. Cancer


Skin peeling can also be attributed to skin cancer. Some may think that skin peeling is normal or that it occurred due to infection or allergic reaction. But there are cases where it serves as a symptom. Those who have skin cancer may experience skin peeling.


Once you notice that your skin is peeling, you should not just neglect it. Always remember that prevention is still the best cure. So, what are the treatments available if ever your skin is peeling? This would depend on your condition. But here are the initial things that you should do when your skin is peeling.

1. Don’t pick

The very first thing that you should not do when your skin is scaling or peeling is to pick it. No person would want to see their skin peeling. What happens is that in order to get rid of it, some would pick it and this can only worsen the problem. Do not leave as it is but also don’t pick it.

2. Don’t scratch

Another thing that you should not do is to scratch the skin. Thinking that it is only the upper layer that is peeling, you cannot just scratch it in order to get rid of it. Always keep in mind that the skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. When your skin is peeling, just let it be and do not scratch it. Your skin may also have bacteria which can then be transferred to your skin.

3. Moisturize

If one of the reasons of peeling skin is that you notice that your skin looks really dry then you should moisturize your skin. Having a dry skin can really result to skin peeling so to avoid experiencing this problem, make sure that your skin is moisturized. You can apply lotion or moisturizer. Always choose products that can give you enough moisture. It also helps if you know the ingredients that are known to have excellent moisturizing properties.

4. Vitamin A

Deficiency in vitamin can result to dry skin. But consuming too much can also lead to peeling skin. Make sure that you have enough dosage of vitamin A but also do not overdo it. Most of the products like creams or gels that you purchase in the market already have vitamin A. If you take in big dosages of this vitamin orally, you may experience peeling skin or even worse.

5. Honey

Honey has long been used in various skin treatments. Even if you are at home, you do not have to spend a lot just to get rid of peeling skin. By applying honey on your skin, you can find the best solution for your dry and peeling skin. You can combine it with other natural ingredients that can moisturize the skin. For instance, you can combine it with oatmeal or other ingredients. Applying it can give moisture to your skin.

Skin peeling might appear to be a normal condition especially when you are always out of the sun. You notice that your skin tends to get really dry and flaky. Later on, it will start to peel. But you should also not forget that peeling skin can be attributed to much serious conditions so make sure that you do not just neglect it. If your skin is still peeling after you have already done the home remedies mentioned above, you should consult your doctor. It might be because of other serious conditions and it needs to be treated right away.


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