What NOT to do to Your Hair


We are always hearing about what we should be doing when it comes to looking beautiful, but what about what we should not be doing? You can do everything right, and follow all of the rules when it comes to hair care, but all it takes is one mistake to reverse all of the good things you were doing before. Most
women out there get their hair trimmed faithfully every 6 to 8 weeks, take care to condition it properly, and many even spend a lot of money on healthier hair products, thinking that their hair must be healthy because they are doing everything they are supposed to do.

All of the above mentioned things are all very well and good, but if you are making these next classic mistakes with your hair, none of the good things you are doing for your hair aren’t really going to make much of a difference, no matter how much money you spend! Here is a list of 6 common mistakes women
regularly make with their hair care:

  1. Blow drying or flat ironing your hair every day. All of that exposure to heat is unhealthy for your hair, so you should try to limit using these styling tools to only once or twice a week.
  2. Rubbing your wet hair with a towel. This only creates frizz, breakage and fly-aways. Instead of rubbing your hair dry, try gently squeezing it dry with a towel made from microfiber.
  3. Bushing your hair when it is wet. This action stretches out your hair and causes breakage. Instead of picking up your brush, try using a wide tooth comb and work from the ends up to the roots. In fact, some hair stylists suggest that we should not be using brushes at all; they say that combs are always healthier for the hair.
  4. Blow drying your hair when it is still dripping wet. Since it will take a lot longer to dry your hair this way, your hair will be exposed to the heat a lot longer as well, which only causes damage. Instead, try leaving it up in a towel for a few more minutes, or letting it air dry until it is damp, but still able
    to be styled.
  5. Using old brushes and combs on your hair. Many people use the same brushes and combs for years without realizing that this is not healthy for their hair. They can accumulate quite the build up of hair product over the years, and continual use will strip your hair of its natural oils and shine. Also, older combs and brushes tend to get broken here and there, and these breaks, however small they are can catch on our hair and continually break your strands.
  6. Always tying your ponytail in the same place. Actually, you shouldn’t be wearing your hair in a ponytail too much in the first place, but if you do choose this hair style often, make sure you move your ponytail each day. Continually tying it in the same place can cause repeated damage to the same spot.

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