Avoid Wearing These Things While Getting Past Airport Security Checks


Traveling by plane is always an exciting time to be adventurous and stylish your wardrobe. Airports are among the best places in the world to stay on top of the trends and demonstrate a fashion statement that’s uniquely yours. Well, if you’re planning to turn the airport into your runway zone, you better think hard about what to wear to the airport if you don’t want to be slowed down by security.

Here are a list of what not to wear to help you get past security checks in style and with a smile:

1. Hair Pins: If you’re looking forward to wearing your buns to the airport, take care not to put on those bobby pins and metal cuffs.These can set off the security alarms, then you’ll have to take these down one-by-one. Imagine the mess you’ll get your hair into! Not to mention, the hassle and time it will take for you to get through. Wear styled hair that does not involve these hair accessories.

Hair Pins

2. Too Much Jewelry on: Oh please! Keep those blings lean. Keep in mind that you’ll have to take these off too so, if the thought of having too much jewelry on you doesn’t sound a style alarm then, perhaps the thought of possibly losing this as you make your way through long lines at the airport may. The worst that you can wear are those Cartier Love Bracelets which can only be removed with a screw!

3. Belt


Well, compared to your Item No. 1 above, belts are relatively easier to manage. Still, if you can find a way to be fashionable but not have to wear this accessory, the better it will be for you as you won’t have to take it off only to put it on then take it off again to get past airport security.

4. Strappy and Buckled Gladiator Sandals: Sure, these pairs are one of summer’s hottest staples but, if you’re planning to fly for your summer getaway, these are best thrown into your luggage. That is, when you can find a space where you can fill these in. Take note that those buckles can set off airport alarms so you’ll need to remove and put these on again and again — what a stopper!

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5. Sharp Objects and Huge Liquid Bottles: If you’re planning to bring your tweezers, nail file and nail cutters, put these in your check in baggage. If you’re planning on keeping a fragrance, a hand sanitizer or a cream in your carry on, make sure these are in tiny bottles and keep only the essentials with you.

5. Sharp Objects and Huge Liquid Bottles

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At a time when airport security is on high alert for any potential terrorist attacks, you don’t want to be caught up in long lines, hold up yourselves and other passengers because you are too made up for flying.

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