What Should You Have in Your Makeup Kit This Christmas?


A make up kit is a portable small bag or container that every lady should have in order to safely store make up. You can carry to all over to holidays, night outs, job place, and church since it should not leave your handbag. The kit is designed in a way such that you can carry all the items used to enhance your beauty and elegance. It makes sure that all makeup is well stored without pressing or causing damage. The makeup kits come in different colors, designs and materials, making it presentable for you.

The following are the major items that should be contained in a makeup kit this Christmas


This is so essential makeup that should not miss in the makeup kit. If you do not have one, there are varieties in the beauty shops in this 2015 Christmas collection. Make a point to buy one, which will help you improve your facial look. They are in different colors making it possible to match with either your handbag, earrings shoes etc. They are used for covering the eyelid to hide some imperfections, such as fine lines formed due to aging.

Eyeliner Pencils

These are used together with mascara and are in plenty at low prices all over this 2015 Christmas collection. Make a point of replacing your old ones and let your Christmas be special as you enhance the base of your eyelashes. Avoid using the two years old eyeliner anymore since it can be carrying bacteria harmful to your eye make a point of renewing it in your makeup kit.


Mascara is used to enhance the eyelashes, especially if they are less thick. It is so essential and should not miss in the makeup kit this Christmas. Make a point if replacing your old mascara with a new one from the 2015 Christmas collection. The offers are pocket friendly and in numerous varieties. You can even buy for a friend or a sister to make them feel special this Christmas. The mascara is in different colors either brown or black, they always make the eye very attractive by giving a very thick look.

Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner

Lip gloss and lip liner makeup

These 3 are a perfect combination on the lips since they enhance the lips. They should never miss in a lady’s makeup kit no matter what. Replace the old ones by buying new ones from the 2015 Christmas collection where they are offering different varieties. You can buy all the colors that are missing in your makeup kit. The lip gloss should be colorless while the lip liner should always match with the color the lipstick. Lip gloss is applied on the lipstick in order to give it a shinny look. If you are not perfect in applying lip liner ask an experienced friend to do it for you or a beautician.


It is so essential and should not miss in your makeup kit this Christmas. It comes in different colors and elegance. Make a point of having one by purchasing during this 2015 Christmas collection whereby the prices are low and affordable. This powder can be applied on the cheeks, forehead or at the cleavage, to prevent shiny appearance after sweating.

Camouflage Cream

It is used to cover skin imperfections such as wrinkles, black spots, sunburns and fine lines below the eye. This cream should not miss in any woman’s make up kit this Christmas. Make your face look fine smooth and clear by applying this camouflage cream. It is now available on offer this 2015 Christmas collection at a cheap price. Buy it as a gift to your mother or sister who must have it this Christmas.

Fixing powder/spray

It is used to prevent makeup from wearing out before a function. It can be inform of powder or spray. Your makeup kit should always have it this Christmas in order to maintain a perfect look. Make a point of buying it at this 2015 Christmas collection at a very pocket friendly price.


These are so essential and should not miss in a makeup kit. In case you do not have them make a point of buying some during this 2015 Christmas collection.


It is a very essential item in the makeup kit. You are supposed to sharpen the eye pencil whenever it becomes blunt.

Cotton Disks

Cotton Disks in Kit

They should not miss in the makeup kit this Christmas since they ensure clean hands and used to wipe off any excess makeup.


All the above items are very ideal this Christmas since they ensure that you maintain a beautiful look. Therefore, let them always stay in your makeup kit this Christmas. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!


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