What to Look For In the Top Rated Lip Plumpers


Here’s the thing. The lip plumper is your friend. They make your lips stand out on a regular day and make your lips look their fabulous best on nights out. Most lip colors or lipsticks look even better when layered on top of lip plumpers. Makeup artists don’t usually tell this but when a swipe of lip plumper is put on top (or under) your regular lipstick, you’ll instantly look a few years younger. The thing is that the best lip plumper can erase a few years off your face by improving the skin’s elasticity and make them look a wee bit fuller. But not all lip plumpers are created equal. Here are the ingredients to look for when shopping for the top rated lip plumpers.

Cinnamon Yum

What to Look For In the Top Rated Lip Plumpers

Cinnamon is not just good with your morning coffee or breakfast of choice. Cinnamon is a key ingredient for a lot of lip plumpers as cinnamon helps the blood flow to your lips quicker. This surge in blood flow will make your lips appear fuller and redder in the quickest time possible. Cinnamon is also a natural ingredient so if you want to DIY, cinnamon is your best bet. Other “natural” ingredients to look out for include chili, peppermint, ginger, and other “stinging” ingredients.

Benzyl Nicotinate

Ah, Benzyl Nicotinate. If you check this out in drug stores or do a quick search on this ingredient, you’ll find that this ingredient helps lessen blood clots and supports the oxygenation process. This ingredient is important because it will help the key lip plumping ingredient deliver quick results – and make your lips party-ready in seconds. This active ingredient is what you should look out for in lip plumpers because this is the ingredient that hits two birds with one stone. What it does is it helps increase the blood flow to your lips and make them look redder at the same time. Redder and fuller lips are the results that you want when you look for lip plumpers. If your puckers simply sting but don’t look fuller, then your lip plumper might not have this key ingredient.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the main ingredients you should look for in lip plumpers. Some formulations leave the lips dry and dull because of the absence of this basic ingredient. Vitamin E should do the trick and leave the lips moist and plump for a longer period of time. The top rated lip plumpers always have this listed as an ingredient.

So now that you know what to look for in the top rated lip plumpers, do you want to know the best among the said top rated plumpers? Many makeup mavens will vouch for the effectiveness of this product. It has all the right ingredients that will make the appearance of fuller looking lips for a longer period of time than other lip plumpers on the market. Even though it retails for a bigger price than other products of its kind, a little of this product goes a long way. This lip plumper is going to be the friend that will stick with you until the very end – yes, it lasts a long time on the lips!


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