What You Can Do If You Hate Your New Hair Color


There’s nothing that causes a lot of excitement than leaving a salon with freshly colored tresses, knowing that the dollars and hours you spent in the process were all worth it. It is even more exiting if your friends and colleagues appreciate your new looks and asks you where it was done. However, not every color appointment has a happy ending. Once in a while, as your hair is being dried, you can glimpse yourself in a mirror and what you see might be disappointing.

You may start panicking as the time ticks and you have only 15 to 20 minutes for the drier to stop. At that point you will be forced to speak. Your colorist will be expecting enthusiasm and gratitude and the end of the exercise, but you hate what you are looking at.

Here are some steps you can take when you are faced with such a situation:

a) You can speak up

You will have to say something. It may be difficult because you know how embarassing that will be to you colorists but you can’t just keep quiet. Fisrt take a deep breath then tell your colorist in a calm way that you are not happy with how the look turned out. Try to explain exactly what you hate about the color. Is the tone of the color too warm or too cool? Are the highlights too chunky? Is it too dark all over? Is there not enough variation in the highlights? Be specific and be polite. Hopefully, your colorist will understand.

b) Go back

In case you couldn’t muster up the courage to express your dissatisfaction while you were still in the chair, there will still be an opportunity to turn things around. If you’ve been seeing this same colorist for several years it will easier to explain your dissatisfaction the next time you visit by explaining before hand what you didn’t like in the earlier process. Just get back and have your problem fixed. Your colorist will feel happy when you are satisfied with the final result. It will not matter whether it is the first round or the second round. And most salons will not charge you for color correction.

c) Go elsewhere

Go elsewhere only if you are sure your problem can’t be fixed by your first colorist. Before you go elsewhere, do some research to find out whether they can fix your problem? Some may make it even worse! It will be worth going elsewhere only if you are certain they are going to do a better job than the first colorist. You also have to remember you will have to pay again. Another option would be to switch stylists in the same salon if you know they can do a better job.


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