Do You Need to Know the Side Effects of Lip Plumping Products?


Lip plumpers have been a very popular beauty product for some time now, simply because they actually work, are affordable and are easy to find. However, since the prime action of plumpers involves irritating the skin and stimulating blood flow to the lips, some women may be wary of trying a product that could lead to discomfort or even an allergic reaction. Here is some insight into ways to know if the irritation you are experiencing is normal or is something you need to worry about.

Do You Need to Know the Side Effects of Lip Plumping Products?Lip plumpers give you a temporarily fuller pout to your lips. Generally, when you first apply this product to your lips, you will experience a stinging sensation or even an itchy feeling. This should wear off in just a few minutes, but if it does not, you need to wash it off thoroughly because you could be experiencing an allergic reaction. If the irritation does not subside, you can try to apply some cold milk as an anti-irritation agent.

Another side effect to watch for is excessive redness that does not fade long after the plumper has worn off. Many plumpers will also create redder or pinker lips due to the increased blood flow to the lips. However, once the plumper wears off in the course of the day, the darker color should decrease also. If you continue to have red or excessively swollen lips throughout the day, you might be experiencing some negative side effects and you might want to check with your doctor if it has not subsided within 24 hours.

Signs of severe allergic reaction include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Hives
  • Excessive swelling or redness that does not subside
  • Pain

While it is uncommon to have an allergic reaction to lip plumpers, it can happen so it is always a good idea to try a little test area before applying completely to the lips. Keep your lips well moisturized between uses of your lip plumpers that you won’t have cracks or painful areas on your lips. When selecting your plumper, try to go online and read product reviews beforehand as this will give you some feedback about how other consumers fared with a particular product. Try to get a lip plumper that work to moisturize, improve collagen production as well as stimulate blood flow and, until you know how you will react, avoid products that have “extreme” or “ultra” in the name, as these are usually much stronger formulas.


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