Why Does the Menopause Affect Cholesterol Levels?


New research has been looking into the link between high cholesterol levels and menopause, and while studies have definitively shown that menopause itself does cause noticeably higher cholesterol levels, they still do not know why. According to this study, the cholesterol levels rose by around 9% when women were going through menopause. While some menopause supplements may be able to prevent this from happening, many women are unaware that their cholesterol levels were higher until it was too late.

Why Does the Menopause Affect Cholesterol Levels?

Since menopause brings with it the changing testosterone, progesterone and estrogen levels, the woman’s body will go through many changes, and some things, such as high cholesterol levels, may go unnoticed during this time. Interestingly enough, the study showed that almost every single woman out of the 1,500 who participated in this research did have a marked increase in the cholesterol levels, regardless of ethnicity and general health, so this above the board change is definitely associated with menopause itself, rather than secondary factors. While menopause supplements may be able to help keep the woman’s estrogen levels from dropping as quickly around the time of menopause and may be able to help offset those estrogen changes.

The greater risks of high cholesterol will also affect the woman’s cardiovascular health, which is already somewhat at risk due to changes in estrogen. This means that women need to understand the changes and what those changes can bring about and make some lifestyle changes to combat these issues at this time in their lives. Some of the changes can include:

  • More exercise
  • Healthier diet
  • Receiving adequate amounts of sleep
  • Taking menopause supplements

For those who already have high cholesterol levels and are either in menopause or are expecting it at any time, you may need to visit with your doctor to reduce your risks. If you are already worried about your cardiovascular health, now is the time to make some changes before the damage is done.

Essentially, you need to prepare your body and your mind for the big changes that will come along with menopause, and by creating a much more active and healthy lifestyle you cannot just prevent issues later but can also help make your menopause years good ones filled with activity and good health. Be sure to get a regular check up with your doctor when you approach this time of your life and be sure to have your cholesterol levels checked.

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