Why Go for Nail Art?


Nail Art TechniquesDo you feel as if something is missing when your fingernails are blank? Are you tired of the messy paints caused by your nail polish? Are you bored with the solid colors applied on your nails? Worry no more because the nail art industry is all the rage, bringing in more artistic designs for your precious nails. The first time you hear about nail art, you might have wondered – “What is Nail Art?” or “Why Go for Nail Art?”

Nail art is a procedure of painting ornate designs on your nails. It is also a fun way of revitalizing your everyday and ordinary look or accessorizing for a special event. The cool thing about nail art is that it has a wide range of designs, from the simplest little flower designs to the most extravagant artwork coupled with tiny sparkles, gems and stones.

Techniques for a Successful Nail Art

To start with, your nails must be clean and well-trimmed. However, if your nails cannot be remedied by repair, apply artificial nails before painting. Second, apply a neutral based coat on your nails then you can start designing your nails using a thin-tipped nail brush. For beginners, you can use pointy objects such as bobby pins.

Always prepare a cotton swab and acetone to remove polish application mistakes. Remember to work quickly because nail polish dries fast. It is best to use a different brush for each color in order to save time.

Plan your design ahead before painting to prevent mistakes. You can be as creative as you want to be. You could also use frills and ornaments to sparkle up your nails.

After you have finished your sketch, proper maintenance will keep your nail art fresh and in top condition. Apply protective clear nail polish after painting. Wear gloves when doing chores that may ravage your nails.

Advantages of Nail Art

Nail Art has become exceptionally popular all over the world. It is a fashion trend in the present era-from the ordinary people to the rich and famous. Listed are some of the advantages of nail art.

  • Durability. You have two options in doing nail art—apply it on your own nails or on false nails. Conversely, the most durable and long lasting are the acrylic nails.
  • Protection. Using acrylic nails helps you protect your natural nails. Some women have very sensitive nails, this is important for them to prevent further damage. Also, it will keep you from biting your nails.
  • Every occasion. Whether you are having a fashion party with your friends or attending a formal event, nail art can always compliment your look. You can personalize your nails depending on your own imagination and creativity. The fun in doing nail art is that you can enhance your skills in art while enjoying. It is also a best way to express your innermost thoughts and your personality.

In the end, nail art is a learning process. It takes times to learn proper techniques of accomplishing this art. Be sure to have fun and let your imagination work.


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