Will Britney make a successful comeback?

Britney on mikeBritney close-up

The ‘Hit me baby one more time’ singer who was once a successful pop-star, is now finding it incredibly difficult to make a successful comeback to her music career. Life in constant media scrutiny has taken a toll on her life. From her teen days, to failed marriages, etc the media has written her off.

Britney on mikeBritney close-up

Although she has undoubtedly established a successful career, raking in a net-worth of $155 million and selling more than 100 million records world-wide, Spears has been more in the news for reckless crazy happenings, affairs and so on. Her previous supposed comeback album ‘Blackout’ bombed. Like Amy and Cobain, she has her demons! Let’s hope she overcomes her demons and makes a successful comeback!

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