Winter Care: Try Out These 7 Tips For Healthy Hair


It’s cold. It’s damp. The cold, dry, chilly wind is blowing your hair into a frizzy, unruly ball of strands that look more like a bird’s nest than human hair!

Here’s a haircare alert as winter sets in: avoid hair drama this season! Avoid making this unwelcome hair scenario your crown’s theme for the rest of this season simply by following some simple Dos and Don’ts to keep your hair insulated from the dryness all around you.

Practical tips

Whether it’s hair that’s limp and lifeless, dry and frizzy or, tangled and static charged hair, there are practical tips you can try to avoid them all!

Tip# 1: Never leave brave the cold outdoors with wet hair. If you don’t want your hair to end up feeling as thick and brittle as chickenwire, you do have to spare some time to dry it after washing, even when that means you’ll have to start prepping up yourself at least 30 minutes earlier than your usual (non-winter) time.

Tip # 2: Get your hair trimmed. Regular hair trimming not only takes out split ends but also, keeps hair well tamed — so it bounces off whichever side you want it to be on!

Tip# 3: Don’t trade your hairstyle for a cold crown. Get your winter cap on! Pull your hair up to avoid lines from making marks on your hair. That cap will not only keep your hair protected from the harsh wind and cold, it’s a good protection from the cold too!

Tip# 4: Never over wash your hair in the winter. You’re not sweating anyways because it’s too cold. Plus, your hair needs all the natural oils that your scalp can squeeze out. Don’t worsen hair dryness by washing hair too often in winter.

Tip# 5: Ditch the comb and use a wide toothed wooded comb instead. Lessen the static, lessen the dryness by using the right comb. As much as you can help it, refrain from combing your hair while it’s wet. Simply use your fingers to run through your hair as you dry it.

Tip# 6: Forget hot hair drying. If you absolutely need to blow dry, keep to a cold setting even if takes you longer to dry your hair.

Tip# 7: Get a humidifier to ease the dryness indoors. A heated room is just as bad to your hair as subjecting it to hot blow drying. Ease the dryness and heat with the help of a room humidifier to take out the damp and let your hair and scalp breathe.

Selecting the right haircare products for winter

Right HairCare For Winter

Haircare spas and manufacturers are not simply trying to sell you their products and services when they tell you that you’ve got to have a different set of hair treatments for summer and winter. There is truthfulness in this claim. Some products are simply too oily and heavy for summer while, on the contrary, some products do not give your hair enough nourishment and protection during the winter season.

From your shampoo to conditioners to hair creams, there are three basic rules of thumb you must keep in mind when choosing the right products to keep your hair healthy and bouncy no matter the season but, most especially to withstand the harsh winter weather conditions:

Rule# 1: Avoid products with alcohol content. Alcohol dries up your hair and scalp, leaving hair brittle, dull and lifeless. Though alcohol is commonly used in haircare products, more and more products are being formulated without it. Try to find one that is alcohol free and see if it suits your hair type.

Rule# 2: Choose products that have considerably less chemicals in their formulation. Chemicals dry up hair. More natural ingredients in your haircare products allow nourishment to more readily and more effectively seep to the roots of your hair follicles. Natural ingredients more closely resemble natural tissue structures and biological enzymes, making these ingredients more easily integrated into your scalp and hair to keep it nourished and protected from drying.

Rule# 3: Reach for haircare products that are rich in emollients and humectants. Your hair can make use of all the moisturizing goodness it can get from your haircare products so choose to use those that leave your hair and scalp nourished and protected from moisture loss at the same time.

When it comes to haircare products, not only is it important to consider the season but also the hair type. Some hair types, typically those that are thick, hold oil on the roots of the hair, leaving most part of the hair strands down to the tips dry and brittle. If you have this hair type, consider heavy conditioning treatment at least once and up to twice weekly. These deep conditioners often require you to leave on the product for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Good Natural Oil for Hair

For best results, use essential oils. Make sure that you’re only using cosmetic grade. Olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are all good natural oils to perk up your hair’s moisture content. Even if dry hair isn’t your problem, it will still be better if you perform this treatment to maintain hair health.


Seasons will change constantly but a good haircare routine will make hair healthy throughout any season.


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