5 Reasons to Workout During the Holidays to Stay in Shape


It’s the holidays, alright, and everybody including your booty is getting the blues and in a better mood to feast and be merry. Uh-uh-uh! Don’t make the mistake of putting your personal fitness program on hold too — most especially not this season.

How to Keep yourself Inspired to Stay Fit this Holiday?

So, you really need compelling reasons to break away from your bed or from your endless shopping errands and get on that stair master? How about these then:

Reason No. 1: It’s Easy to Gain an Extra Pound or Two in a Day

If only for the irresistible gingerbread cookies, fluffy cakes and sumptuous feasts this season, you can instantly gain that unwanted pound in a single lunch or dinner. Do you have any idea how long it typically takes to burn just 1 pound of excess fat? — One week! So, you’d rather not get those extra calories stored. Take a bite and then let it burn, baby burn!

Reason No. 2: You may Have a Harder time Bouncing Back to a Healthy Habit

Healthy Habit

If you’ve been exercising regularly for years, two weeks even three weeks off may not affect your muscles too much. Otherwise, just three consecutive no workout days will make you lose significant muscle strength. That’s counterproductive if you’ve been trying to build your muscle mass to aid in weight loss.

Reason No. 3: You don’t want your New Year’s Resolution to Sound Like another Failed attempt at Slimming Down

Face it. How many years have you been promising yourself you’d punish your body everyday to keep it fit and strong? Probably half of your life, maybe more. Resolve your fitness issues now, even when that means resisting the urge to stay in bed in winter, or else, bear with the health consequences soon.

Reason No. 4: Lack of Exercise Makes your Brain Slack

Lack of Exercise Makes your Brain Slack

Body, brain, exercise and what you eat —there’s no more doubt that they’re all connected. Depriving your body of exercise, which provides you with good stress also means depriving your brain and cognition. Sure, everything else around you, including your usually demanding day job, is slowing down at this time of the year but, a slack brain is not something you want any time of the year.

Reason No. 5: No Exercise means Duller Complexion

Spending days off your fitness program affects the health of your body’s blood and nutrient circulation. Poor circulation easily leads to dull, lifeless skin and may even cause fluids to get stuck around your eyes, in turn resulting to puffy eyes and dark under eye circles.

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So, what exactly did you say can you gain by staying in bed longer? That’s right, just extra hours of lying around and additional fats building up. Just think about what you’re losing out on when you miss just a single workout.

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