Another Break-up? Learn the Worst Mistakes Women Make with Men


Another Break-upMaking a relationship work is not easy. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to have a simple guide that can help them create the ideal relationship with their partner? When it comes to starting a relationship, there are certain mistakes that most women make thinking that these are right moves to make a relationship last. Here are some of the worst mistakes women make with men:

  1. Being an Open Book
  2. This is probably at the top of the list when it comes to the worst mistakes women make with men. A little mystery is a good way to make a man’s interest last. Women can’t help but share feelings with men they like. However, you should exercise a little (or a lot) of restraint and not immediately share your life story. It’s not wrong to be interested in a man but making it very obvious is not just tacky but it is also a turn-off for most men. During the beginning phase of a relationship, mystery creates a lot of excitement for a man.

  3. Trying too hard
  4. Naturally, to get something you want you have to work hard. However, in the case of men it is the opposite. This is because men are illogical and they have the tendency to lose interest in something that is very easy. Worst, rather than feel comfortable and happy with the relationship, they may feel that you’re merely faking your every move and not see the effort at all. Trying too hard is one of the worst mistakes women make with men. It sends the signal that you are not good enough for him and this will just make him lose interest in you.

  5. Letting a Man have the Upper Hand
  6. You can learn a lot from Cleopatra. She never gave a man the upper hand. Men love challenges and they love pursuing something or someone that they cannot have. Winning a woman over or the hunt is the most fulfilling part for them. Giving him the upper hand is like giving him permission to take you for granted and the common result is for him to leave you.

  7. Saying Yes to Everything
  8. Most women are attracted to alpha males. These are men who like to give orders, dominate and tell other people what to do. Although this is sexy to most women, you shouldn’t give in to everything he wants. However, allowing him to dominate all of the time is a turn-off for most men. After he gets tired of you, he will just move on to the next conquest. You should draw the line and not say yes to everything. This is also one of the worst mistakes women make with men.


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