You will Be Surprised What These YouTubers Did Before They Got Famous


1. Ryan Higa
Better known on YouTube as NigaHiga, owns one of the funniest channels on YouTube. Don’t believe it? How about each post hardly goes under a million views? This YouTuber is more used to getting upwards of 5 million views, and in fact rakes in as much as 68 million views on one post. He is estimated to make as much as US$ 1 million annually — Teehee! Before he was an Internet sensation, Ryan was just a student, self-confessed to suck in Judo, and who later moved to the US to pursue — are you ready for this? — nuclear medicine.

Ryan Higa

2. Anthony Padilla: The better half of the Smosh comedy duo, the other being Ian Hecox. Before starting the Smosh in 2002, Anthony was just a regular guy in school who loved playing tennis. After he was joined by Ian, the rest of the story was nothing but fine history. Other than making serious dollars online, the duo has also received a movie deal that is expected to spike the Smosh revenues to unimaginable heights.

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3. Rosanna Pansino
This YouTube star enjoyed some time acting on screen but was never quite as famous as she is known to be a cooking sensation online. Her channel, Nerdie Nummies, currently enjoys the support of 7 million subscribers, with post views averaging 75 million. Her practical and time tested recipes are now given away online for free yet, she has come out with a cookbook that is perceived to add up to her US$ 2.5 million annual earnings.

Rosanna Pansino

4. Mariand “Yuya” Castrejon: Definitely one of the most famous Latinas on Youtube featured in straight, Spanish speaking videos, Yuya was only 16 when she started her channel, “lady16makeup”. That was right after she won a makeup contest. Before that, she was enrolled in ballet and theater classes. You will not believe this now 22-year old Youtube sensation rakes in upwards of US$ 50,000 every month. However, with 16 million subscribers growing to 60,000 more each week, and hardly any post missing 1 million views, it’s not remotely possible that Yuya is earning hard dollars you can only wish you did.

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5. Maryam Maquillage

Maryam Maquillage

Born of artistic parents, this Instagram and YouTube sensation took some time to find out her true calling. Before starting her new career as a beauty guru, Maryam studied international relations, took on a job for a Jewish non-profit, and accepted a posting at the Egyptian embassy in New York. What started out as a hobby quickly became her bread and butter, scoring deals with well known brands like Lancome and Strivectin.


Inspired? You just might be ready for a career change but, don’t force it. It’s true good things come to those who wait but the first adopters seem to have all the advantage.

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