Know the Reasons Why You are Being Dumped, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Stop contemplating, “What is wrong with me?” Trust me, Honey, it’s you and not him, and you can blame your loss up on the stars! In fact, why don’t we get right down to what the zodiac has to say about your ex?

1. Aries (21 Mar to 19 Apr):


This man tends to be self-centered. He wants to go to so many directions all at the same time, and leaves you behind. So, go pat yourself in the back, lady, because now, it’s time you took better care of you!

2. Taurus (20 Apr to 20 May): If you’ve been working two shifts, you’ll soon find yourself arguing with your lazy ex anyway so good riddance!

3. Gemini (21 May to 20 Jun):

Gemini Sign

Now you can stop stressing over his multiple personality tendencies and spend the extra time doing more productive things instead.

4. Cancer (21 Jun to 22 Jul): This man’s loyalty will be sorely missed. However, you may be putting too much effort over some relationship you’re far from ready to commit to. Now that he’s gone, you won’t have to put up with forever until you’re ready and willing.

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5. Leo (23 Jul to 22 Aug):

Leo Sign

Everybody needs special attention from their significant other. A Leo, though, will always be interested in shining the spotlight upon himself. So, let him love himself!

6. Virgo (23 Aug to 22 Sep): You will miss that his shoulders are always ready to keep you warm and stable but, thank your stars you’ve finally parted with his pessimistic, moody ways.

7. Libra (23 Sep to 22 Oct):

Libra Sign

Fairness and justice are what rule Librans. Still, he must have drained all the energy in you trying to win arguments you can’t ever seem to win, so stop now and enjoy the peace.

8. Scorpio (23 Oct to 21 Nov): You finally realize you’ve never really known your ex. It’s not an unusual feeling if you’ve dated the secretive Scorpio. Sure, his passionate kisses took your breath away but you’ve taken back your freedom from his possessive gaze.

9. Sagittarius (22 Nov to 21 Dec):

Sagittarius Sign

He says he loves you but you’re not sure you ever believed. He’s hard to read. From now on, you only please you.

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10. Capricorn (22 Dec to 19 Jan): Downright serious, Capricorns are. Play catchup with the spontaneity of loving and loving freely. It’s a good idea to try right now.

11. Aquarius (20 Jan to 18 Feb):

Aquarius Sign

The fun-loving Aquarian is always surrounded by a crowd. He’ll be a good friend but, for now, you need a man who will focus on you.

12. Pisces (19 Feb to 20 Mar): Pisces can be boring, most especially if you have an outgoing personality. Now’s the time to make up for all the lost fun.


It may be lonely to be alone but, sometimes it may be exactly what you need to feel in full control of yourself, your happiness and your life — you don’t need anybody to drive those for you.

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