Guidelines To Become An Expert Contributor

Are you a dermatologist, beauty expert, aesthetician, nutritionist, personal trainer, health coach, fitness or yoga expert if so then please read on because we would like to work with you so that you can turn your valuable knowledge into a helpful resource for our viewers. This is an opportunity to work with our growing site and become a voice in your area of health, beauty, and wellness expertise.
NOTE: These guidelines are for expert contributors only.

Blogger Contributions

Are you just an avid reader or an experienced blogger with a passion for living well and looking great. Your experience is unique and we want to give you a forum to share it. If you are ready to get started click here to review our article submission guidelines.

Become A Content Reviewer

Expert contributors also have the option of reviewing some of our existing content and making sure that it is accurate, up to date, or to simply enrich it with their firsthand knowledge. This may be ideal for you if you do not wish to compose all new content but still want to contribute with us as an expert in your field. Keeping the community engaged and active is also important to us so contributors may interact with, give advice to, or answer questions asked by our amazing community.

Getting Started

To write as an expert on our site, you must first join ‘The Beauty Insiders’ network of verified experts. Please note that we do not partner with contributors whose goal it is to advertise a certain product or service. Content that is blatantly promoting a product or service will not be accepted. If you’re looking to create sponsored content or seeking advertising opportunities on our site, we ask that you contact us with your inquiry and any details and our helpful staff will be glad to get you started.

Recurring Contributions From Experts

We like to give our contributors flexibility so if you just have a couple of articles to share, we allow for single article submissions. If you feel that you can write with us on a recurring basis, we welcome this form of collaboration as well.

To become a recurring contributor you must have successfully submitted and had two of your articles published on our site. If you make it that far you will receive your own author’s page. Your third submission must include:

  • At least one TheBeatyInsiders worthy photo of yourself. Preferably a headshot.
  • A short bio (400 characters) – written in the 3rd person. This bio is your opportunity for you to share what makes you an authority, projects that you may be working on or have completed, and a little about yourself that you want the community to know.
  • Social media links that you would like connected to your page. Upon your third approved submission, your bio and profile picture will appear next to every article you have contributed.

Why Become TheBeautyInsiders Expert Contributor?

Becoming an expert contributor is a great way to further establish your digital footprint and expand your professional portfolio. It’s also a great way for you to interact with potential clients. Aside from the benefits of becoming a contributor, you will earn the satisfaction of educating people on health and beauty topics from around the world; helping them make the right choice when selecting a product, treatment, or service.

Your voice will surely be heard when you contribute with us because our site gets as many as 124,000 unique views on a monthly basis. Our social media presence is also very strong and only getting stronger thanks to our growing popularity among middle-aged and older women.

Expert Contributor Article Guidelines

The following is a quick list of important guidelines that must be followed for any contributed article. We aim for the highest quality so please take all of these guidelines into focused consideration when writing any piece:

  • Stay under 1500 words.
  • Define Terms: If you use any technical or specialized jargon or phrasing, explain them in parenthesis upon first use in the content.
  • Include useful references wherever possible for further reading on the topic for website visitors.
  • Voice—you’re talking to a friend: Our readers love us because we deliver expert, educational content, but it doesn’t sound newsy or cold; instead, it is reminiscent of the voice of a trusted friend. You’re not speaking at a conference!
  • Bullets or lists help: Use topline bullets and itemized lists as much as possible. This helps readers focus on key points, plus it makes the article more visually appealing in a digital setting.
  • Make it personal and relatable: Be as personal as you can—using firsthand experiences or examples from your practice really helps. Not only is this engaging and relatable to the reader, it makes you sound like a human, not a robot.

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