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By Debra Stone
Contact UsBefore you fill out the form below, please be aware that we receive a lot of e-mail from visitors asking us to credit their credit cards, or stop sending them products every month. Please stop with these request as you are contacting the wrong company! You NEED TO CONTACT YOUR RETAILER THAT YOU MADE YOUR PURCHASE WITH.

We realize how frustating such a situation must be. All we can suggest is to please check your credit card statemetn to determine who it is that you should be contacting in order to resolve the problem. You should see the company name and contact phone number listed on your credit card statement. Hopefully this will be very effective at resolving the issue.


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Debra Stone

Debra Stone, MD in Board-Certified Dermatologist from the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. She has contributed extensively to the world medical literature and health. She has discussed various natural remedies for treating skin problems in her research work.