Compound W® is a line of skincare products credited as a fast-action dietary supplement. It works to remove skin tags for people within a wide age range. Confirmation from prior users and skin care professionals shows the beneficial effect of this brand. The line of skin care products caters to the total care of the skin area in the feet and hands. It treats skin tags, and similar skincare conditions, provides supporting comforts, and conceal defect in the hands and feet.

Ranging from liquid to gel to products meant for freezing method, Compound W® is a brand crafted based on scientifically driven research. This brand claim to include a touch of science in every product from the skincare line. The brand has a customer-friendly method of detecting the type of skin tag and giving useful guidance in finding the appropriate product for effective treatment.

The product’s ingredients attack the virus, causing skin tags [1]. It is a medical cosmetic relieving the skin of cracks inflicted by virus-causing skin tags [2]. This product promises total relief upon application to affected areas.

Pros And Cons of Compound W®

Compound W®

Compound W®

  • Skin type:All skin types
  • Age range:Anyone above the age of 3
  • Benefits:Offers a complete kit of products for skin tag removal based on skin tag type, function, and skincare suitability. This product claim to attack and destroy skin tags and the virus that causes skin tags to relieve discomfort.
  • Brand:Prestige consumer healthcare.
  • Major ingredients:Nitro oxide, Dimethyl ether, Propane, salicylic acid


  • Dermatologists and pharmacists recommend compound W®.
  • Provides maximum fast action in clearing out skin tags completely.
  • This product can perform similar skincare functions other than skin tags removal.
  • It is easily accessible without a doctor’s prescription in recognized stores.
  • It has a water-resistant and self-adhesive feature for the pads and strips.
  • Provide different application options for a user’s convenience.
  • High in salicylic acid, that can serve as a moisturizer for better-quality skin [3].
  • Available for usage by children.


  • Compound W® should not be applied to the face and mucous membrane.
  • Persons with a health condition such as diabetes or poor blood circulation are advised against using this product.
  • You should not use any of the products to clear genital skin tags.
  • The formulating content of this product can cause skin irritation or trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Consumption of this product orally could be dangerous.

About the Brand

The manufacturer of Compound W® is Prestige Consumer Healthcare. It is an American brand that makes healthcare products accessible over the counter. Prestige consumer healthcare is a community of brands that have existed for over 100 years to provide self-help to consumers to improve personal wellness and health quality.

Prestige Consumer Healthcare is trustworthy for its continuity in improving healthcare through diverse innovation and iconic measures over the ages. This brand aims to ensure the availability of products that suit consumers’ unique needs. This company’s mission is to preserve the trust of consumers invested in them as a leading healthcare brand by staying on top of product quality.

Compound W® products are designed to provide maximum healthcare for a wide age range. It further improves a user’s quality of life and personal wellness at the best convenience [4].

What are the Best Selling Compound W® products?

  • Compound W® NitroFreeze: This product uses maximum strength to penetrate the skin and kill the virus in the skin tag.
  • Compound W® Wart Freeze off: This product works uniquely. Applying the product to your skin protects the surrounding healthy skin from the effect of skin tag removal.
  • Compound W® One Step Pad: The one-step pad comes in the form of a water-resistant and self-adhesive bandage to conceal and remove persistent skin tags.

Compound W Skin Tag Remover Ingredients

The active ingredients in Compound W® include the following:

Nitrous Oxide

This colorless gas can serve as anesthetics for skin tags that could be painful. It kills virus-causing skin tags caused by frostbite [5].

Nitro oxide is highly associated with repairing cellular damage and regulating other cellular functions [6]. It reduces the risk of chronic inflammation caused by atherogenesis [7].

A scientific study was conducted to prove that Nitrous Oxide in Compound W® is highly effective and safe in treating skin tags [8].

Dimethyl Ether

This gas is entirely colorless. It serves as an inhibitor against the growth of bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of skin diseases [9]

study proved that dimethyl ether is effective in removing skin tags [10].

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is known for protecting against pathogenic attacks and inflammatory conditions [11]. It smoothens out the skin and removes blemishes. It performs several skincare functions.

For example, it acts as an agent for hair and skin conditioning, exfoliation, preservation, an anti-acne, and an anti-dandruff skin care agent [12]. It is generally a skin-cleaning agent.
Compound W® also contains other inactive ingredients.

Compound W® also contains other inactive ingredients.

Compound W®: How does this product work

Compound W® makes use of active formula ingredients with maximum strength to penetrate the skin to eliminate the virus that causes skin tags. This product further clears off the physical appearance of skin tags.

Compound W® provides skincare functions for smoother skin by eliminating bacteria and pathogen that causes skin diseases. It also includes a skin shield that protects healthy skin around skin tags from getting infected. The cryotherapy method that Compound W® uses is proven to be a more efficient method of removal of skin tags.

Is Compound W® worth buying?

With over 100 years of experience in healthcare products, the brand is known for its credibility. The product is from a front-line brand for self-administered healthcare products.

The reviews from consumers prove the efficiency level of the product. There are diverse options for administration; gels, liquid, strips, and pads, to ensure the comfort and convenience of consumers.

Also, it claims to produce quick-acting effects upon usage. However, the effect of this product on users varies. This product claims the difference in body response determines its effectiveness when used.

Compound W® Reviews – What Does Real Customers Say?

A Compound W skin tag remover review written by a consumer (Rose L., August 8, 2022) reads that, at first, this consumer doubted the product’s efficacy, but the product turned out effective for removing stubborn skin tags. For some skin tags, it cleared off within a week, while for others, it took a month or two.

A customer reports that this product worked to clear out a stubborn skin tag aging within 4-5 years. However, applying the band-aid proved painful, and the skin around the skin tags was whitening. The effect of the product causes slight wrinkling of the skin and skin peeling, according to this consumer.

According to this consumer, although the bandage design for this product was not waterproof as against the production description, the product is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Que: Do Compound W® work for only skin tags removal?

Ans: No, Compound W® does not only work for skin tags removal. You can also use it to remove corns, calluses, and other similar skin diseases.

Que: What do I do if I swallow Compound W®?

Ans: Compound W® could be dangerous to the health when swallowed. Get immediate medical help if swallowed [14].

Que: Can skin tags be contagious after using Compound W®?

Ans: No. This is because Compound W® attacks the virus, kills it, and leaves the skin less vulnerable.

Que: Is Compound W® a legit product?

Ans: Compound W® is completely legitimate and has the validation of popular recognition.

Que: Where can I buy Compound W skin tag remover?

Ans: You can buy Compound W skin tag remover on Amazon or on the brand’s official website.

Final Verdict

Compound W® is a brand with a strong reputation built from years of credible customer service. This line of skincare products serves as a maximum strength removal of skin tags.

The product formula also contains ingredients that address related skin problems like corn, calluses, dandruff, and the like. The formula for these products is research and scientifically driven. Lab testing ensures the safety and effectiveness of this product.

Compound W® is an active agent of skincare and personal wellness. Reviews from prior customers boost confidence in this product because the feedbacks are majorly positive. However, consumers of this product are at risk of a skin reaction.

You can easily access the products on the brand’s official website.

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  • Results may vary based on individual factors.

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