What is Aesop Face Oil?

Aesop Face Oil review is a Serum that is designed to hydrate your skin at night. It soothes dull, stressed, and dry skin. Thus, it aids in preventing your skin from drying.

It contains floral extracts that aid in hydrating your skin deeply. They also help to relieve your skin from roughness by smoothing it. Nevertheless, when you use it is absorbed and does not leave greasy residues.

Aesop Company is the manufacturer of this skin product. The manufacturer claims that it hydrates, smooths, and detoxifies the skin. They also argue that it contains a botanicals formula that is safe and delivers the desired results on its claim.

It is ideal for any individual with any skin type. Besides, it is available on the official manufacturer’s website.

Aesop Face Oil review point out it benefits your skin and aids in maintaining and taking care of your skin. More so, it gives a highlight of its components and how they work.

Pros and Cons of Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

  • Form:Oil, Serum
  • Skin Type:Normal, Combination, Congested and Dull Skin
  • Benefit:Balanced and Replenished With a Smooth Finish
  • Ingredients:Almond Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Avocado oil
  • Brand:Aesop
  • Weight:0.8 Fl. Oz.


  • It softens and smoothes your skin
  • It relives roughness and dryness.


  • It increases skin sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from the sun that can cause damage to it.
  • There is no mention of a money back guarantee if not satisfied with it.

Aesop Face Oil – Does It Really Work?

Aesop Face Oil contains powerful components that ensure that it hydrates skin leaving it moisturized. Thus, it relieves your skin from dryness that keeps it smooth and firm. More so, it helps to keep your soft and detoxify it.

The components are well combined with the oils from a plant that may help to repair your damaged skin. Besides, they make it smell nice that enables you to apply it and sleep without any odor annoyance.

What Are The Ingredients In Aesop Face Oil?

It contains components that are well combin ed with oils from plants to ensure that they work to deliver its claims into your skin. They aid in hydrating your skin while you are sleeping. Aesop Face Oil has the following ingredients:

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil: It moisturizes and softens the skin [1].

Almond Oil: It moisturizes and softens skin [2].

Evening Primrose Oil: It provides you with the antioxidant effect that helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles [3].

Camellia Japonica Seed Oil: It is an emollient that keeps your skin hydrated [4].

Avocado oil: Oil helps to hydrate the skin, increase collagen production and keep skin supple. But Symptoms of allergy are hives, itching, redness in the skin with allergies being the major concern from some customers.

How To Apply Aesop Face Oil?

The manufacturer instructs that you apply three to five drops into the face and neck that are clean. Then massage it lightly to allow it to be absorbed. For better results, use it before you go to bed at night.

Does Aesop Face Oil Have Any Side-Effects?

Aesop Face Oil has the following side effects:

  • It can cause some irritation due to the presence of the fragrant extracts and oils.
  • You can experience some allergic impact if sensitive to its components.


Que: How to use Aesop Fabulous Face Oil?

Ans: Morning and evening, massage into cleased face.

Que: Where can I buy this product?

Ans: Visit the company’s website and place your order.

Final Verdict: Aesop Face Oil

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil is one of the skin serums that compete with others in the market. It claims that it hydrates your skin at night. Thus, it leaves your skin moisturized and soft which maintains its natural beauty.

It may nourish your skin to keep it healthy-looking. It helps to prevent wrinkles from appearing by smoothing your skin. Nevertheless, it may aid in softening and removing the toxins in the skin that keeps it rejuvenated.

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