7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer


Last Updated: May 10, 2019

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Before summer sucks the best out of your skin and practically spoil the rest of your beach holiday, you better learn and commit to practice these 7 skin care tips that will help your skin get by the hot sun, the scorching heat, and the potentially temperamental climate in the coming weeks:

Tip No. 1: Never Leave the Shade Without Sunscreen

Never Leave the Shade Without Sunscreen

To be exact, you need to apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you brave the bright, skin-damaging sun. Here’s another sunscreen wisdom for you to keep in mind: “Sun protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive — it needs to be consistent.” That was according to melanoma survivor, Hillary Fogelson. Remember, too, that there is no sunscreen that can keep you 100 percent shielded from UV.

Tip No. 2: Add a Cold Cream to Your To-Go Beauty Stash

Add a Cold Cream to Your To-Go Beauty Stash

It’s best that you make sure you can relieve sunburn whenever wherever you get one. In fact, you should use a cold cream every time you come into the shade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. That way, you can relax your skin.

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Tip No. 3: Stay Cool

Stay Cool

Take cold showers in midday, after sweating profusely or, as soon as you get out of the sand and water. Other than giving your skin a refreshing feeling, taking cold showers also allows your body to cool down, making heat stroke unlikely and preventing your system from overheating. Besides, showering after a dip also helps you avoid getting rashes caused by parasites in the water. Just take note that too much showering strips off too much of your skin’s natural oils too. So, shower only when you need to.

Tip No. 4: Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Cool off your body from within as well. You cannot possibly have a well-moisturized skin when you have a dehydrated body. Take plenty of water and fresh fruit juice, most especially when you are spending the day out on the beach where the intense heat feels like it is out to sip the fluids right out of you.

Tip No. 5: Tone and Moisturize

Tone and Moisturize

Use a non-drying, alcohol-free toner that will tighten your skin to keep moisture locked and fight surface water loss. Put on layers of moisturizers that contain antioxidants to help shield your skin from UV and free radical damage. Keeping your routine nice and tight by using multifunctional products like Solvaderm’s Dermaxsol, which combines moisturizer and sunscreen in one will be ideal for daytime use

Tip No. 6:Don’t Stop Hydrating

Don’t Stop Hydrating

Keep your bottle of water, and bring a long a hydrating mist to keep your skin from drying out. Staying indoors where the temp is cooler and the air is more humid will also help you stay hydrated.

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Tip No. 7: Exfoliate


The dry weather makes dry, flaky skin a common occurrence. Slough these off regularly to allow your moisturizing products to hydrate and heal your skin.


Too much of anything is bad for you. That includes summer. So, when you want to really relish summer, do yourself good by knowing your limits.

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