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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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Everything seems to be possible nowadays with almost everyone being a mighty advocate of breaking barriers. For instance, gone are the days that people in the minority are hidden from the spotlight. The best part? They are more celebrated than ever. This “mind your own business” attitude also paved the way for the creatives. Even the craziest trends manage to hit the mainstream. For example, crazy make up looks are on the rage these days.

What Is The Latest On The Beauty Department?

In 2017, feminism and inclusive are the show-runners. Designers used their platforms to exhibit ways on how to break down the restrictions and rules that have been established in the past years. In one fashion show, a Muslim woman walked the runways with her hijab on. A designer also employed models who are in their seventies. A lot of designers have started the incorporation of certain symbols that represent things like woman’s rights, rebellion, and revolution on their runway. Age, size, or religion no longer became an issue.

As expected, the beauty industry followed suit. The hair and make-up looks also started employing styles that celebrate individuality. For example, make up artist Pat McGrath stated that they are using make-up as a way to express one’s self with no need to please other people. A strong statement that encourages women to love themselves more.

Weirdest Makeup Trends That Are All Over Instagram[1]
With timeless makeup trends such as barely there make-up still making the rounds, you can look for social media such as Instagram for further inspiration. There are many cute and crazy makeup ideas that are bound to really catch one’s attention. With the internet within your reach, you can count on beauty experts to keep you updated through their media pages, especially on Instagram.

Beauty experts have found out that the best way to popularize a look is by posting it on Instagram. Don’t believe us? Browse your Instagram feed, and you will see the weirdest looks scattered all over it!

What crazy makeup looks can you find on Instagram? Well, here are some of the craziest beauty trends that are all over Instagram!

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  • Bubble eyeliner :

bubble eyeliner look for crazy makeup

Bubble Style Eyeliner

Well, thank goodness for this one, if you have struggled in perfecting the winged eyeliner look, bubble eyeliner is a lot easier to achieve. It may appear to be a crazy eye makeup since it contradicts all the rules on the proper way to apply eyeliner. Sometimes even the most perfect eyeliner stickers can’t help, so why fight it?

  • Mermaid Makeup :

mermaid makeup crazy makeup look

The Mermaid Look

Channel your inner Ariel by using blue and green shades. Tons of women are unleashing their inner mermaid by using scale designs and adding seashells accessories. The result? Simply magical and stunning, making it one of the most beautiful Instagram makeup ideas.

  • Neck Contouring :

Thanks to Kim K, contouring has become one of the trending makeup looks and a way of life for most women – the neck area is no exception. Why? Well, no one knows.

  • Rainbow Eyebrows :

rainbow eyebrows makeup for crazy looks

Rainbow Shade Eyebrows

Back then, only the hair on your head can be dyed in crazy colors. With new technology, it is now safe to go a little extra by doing the same to your eyebrows. Achieve this one of the crazy eyebrow trends to look extra funky.

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15 Crazy Makeup Looks You Need to Try :

Below are more interesting ideas you can see all over the internet. Are you brave enough to try one or more of the following?

1. Braided Eyebrows :

Braided eyebrows makeup look amazing. But, is it real? Well, sources say the person who began the trend admittedly photo-shopped her results. After manually trying it at first, she eventually succumbed to the fact that the brow hairs are too tiny for braiding. Although, you can pull this off by doing braided eyebrow makeup, instead.

2. Bloody Winged Eyeliner :

crazy bloody winged eyeliner

Bloody Winged Eyeliner

This make-up is just too hauntingly beautiful. Intended for Halloween, this trend surpassed the season. Similar to eyebrow micro-blading, people who are not too skilled in doing make up can still manage to pull it off. What is eyebrow microblading? It is a semi-permanent way to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.

3. Negative Space Eyebrows :

A France based make-up artists carved the niche for negative space make-up. People got obsessed with negative space eyeliner and negative space nails; there is no surprise this will also make a buzz.

4 .Twiggy Style Eyelashes :

twiggy style eyelashes for crazy makeup

Twiggy Style Eyelashes

Envious of the doe-eyed lasses frequenting your feed? Well, they may be using a makeup trick. It is quite bold and has the feel of the 60s era. The longer your lashes, the better. Try looking for eyelashes growth tips.

5. Crown Brows :

A trend that took Instagram by storm, this will make you feel like a fun royalty everyone wants to hang out with. Petersen, the person who invented the crown brows, consider it to be one of her low-key crazy make up ideas. Agreed, she has done a lot more exciting stuff, but the crown brows are unique.

6. Crazy Contouring :

crazy contouring makeup look


Too many women fell in love with contouring. The perfectly chiseled face is now within reach, all thanks to make-up. Clown contouring makeup being used by popular Instagram celebrities is said to deliver a flawless makeup once you are done.

7. Metallic freckles :

The spark is back. With the glitter trending on social media, there is no denying that the fad is making waves once more. Metallic freckles have become the star of any music festival. It is similar to glitter freckles, but they are temporary tattoos sold by a brand, Mr. Kate. Does it not seem funny that back then, people have tried their hardest to fade freckles and age spots?

8. Lip Art :

Crazy Lip Art Makeup

Trending Lip Art

Lip art is very intricate. It is not actually new, but instead a revamped trend. You probably have seen numerous individuals such as bloggers, make-up artists, and plenty Instagram Makeup gurus showcasing their masterpieces on your feed. This takes some extra patience and time and can be difficult to recreate. But my oh my, the look is just too beautiful for words.

9. Colored Mascara :

You may be thinking; this one is not really easy to pull off. So, how to wear colored mascara? First, find the color that goes well with your eye color. After all, the whole point of a colored mascara is to make your eyes pop.

10. Ear makeup :

crazy ear makeup look

The classic Ear Makeup

What is ear makeup? Ear makeup art includes dipping the lobe in gold or other classic shades, or brushing specific parts in teal or other funky makeup colors.

11. Smudged Lipstick :

Make out makeup has been introduced early 2017. The smudged lips look is also called snogging. The deliberately messy look was done to contradict the perfect lips.

12. Feather brows :

crazy feather brows eye makeup

The Feather Brows

For weird makeup inspirations, look no further. The internet freaked out a bit when the feathered brows debuted. There are many styles ranging from acceptable to outrageous.

13. Nose hair extensions :

Yes, you read it right. Eyelash extensions were placed circulating the outside of the nostrils. Why? Just for fun.

14. Holographic hair :

crazy holographic hair color

Holographic Style

Oh, unicorn dreams! Look like a complete nymph by dawning this cool hair trend. There are lots of ways to pull this off, including a Halloween Hair color. Although, mostly the sweet pastel colors are the go-to choice.

15. Floral eyeliner :

Debuted during the start of fall, this beauty is a page out of a Snapchat filter. The complexity of drawing tiny florets on your eyelid gave it an extra twist. It seems to be one of the most fun makeup challenges an expert should try.

The fun does not stop at makeup, there are are also crazy beauty tricks like how to fix cakey makeup and crazy weird nails trending on social media. With the generation of millennial having the means and the creativity, it is safe to say there is more where these came from. Consider yourself warned.

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