Beauty Alert: Latest Smudged Lipstick Trend For 2024 You Must Know

Smudged Lips are the trend of the season. Here are some of the new smudged lipstick trends of 2024.
AuthorBy Wendy Gould

Last Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Latest Smudged Lipstick Trend - Image/Shutterstock

Smudging your lipstick in the past was seen as the worst beauty outcome that could have resulted.

Imagine having a change of heart and mind, today, smudged lipstick is now becoming a trend.

Fashion models and artists have made it into something to be proud of.

In fact, it has been a trending fashion and beauty trend in 2021.

The future prospect of this specific beauty trend is bound to stay.

Well, it is about time that you left your lipstick all blurry and your gloss lightly applied on the inside and left at that.

It seems to stain instead of applying is what you should be up to when applying your lipstick each morning.

1. Smudged Lip Makeup

Smudged Lip Makeup

Smudged Lip Makeup – Image/Shutterstock

Smudged can be said to refer to all over the place.

Do you remember that single minute when you applied your makeup and it sort of was smeared all over, that is a smudged lip makeup?

All that is needed is to fine-tune it to meet the desired outcome.

It can also be said to be the blurry application of your lip makeup such that it appears too dark, too shiny or too pale depending on your smudged lipstick trend.

You can also leave it blotted is a smooth, hazy stain or snogged on the lips.

Smudged lip trends have increased and are crazy, chic, and beautiful at the same time.

2. Wearing Smudged Lip Makeup

Wearing Smudged Lip Makeup

Wearing Smudged Lip Makeup – Image/Shutterstock

Wearing smudged lipstick trends is all about how well your snogged lips appear to the outside world.

Well, you can laugh at that but snogging-inspired makeup for your lips is what is currently trending in beauty everywhere.

This is mainly because it is effortless in the application, trying really hard is out of the question, whether it is blurred, pale, or shiny is the new lipstick trend 2021 among others.

You can now ditch that serious morning look that makes you frown in excess and embrace the new lipstick trends 2021.

Wearing is therefore dependent on your final outcome.

Do you want blurred lipstick application, dark but blurred, pale or faded, blurred and pale or faded, sexed-up, muted among others, make a decision of how you want your smudged lip trend should be like?

To aid you out, here are some of the new lipstick trends 2021 ways to wear smudged lipstick and rock your general appearance.

3. Blurred


Blurred – Image/Shutterstock

Blurred lip trends are the way to go with the increased beauty responses to smudged lips.

Applying blurred lip look and achieving it is a success attributed to Tom Pecheux.

He said he desired to show the balance of the different colors and to ensure that the effect was actually and perfectly captured on the lips.

He went ahead and used a matte berry lipstick red in color, added loose bright red lip pigments on top, and swabbed over it using a translucent powder.

Also, he ensured that the lip line wasn’t visible resulting in one of the biggest beauty trends ever witnessed.

4. Dark and Blurred

You might find it hard to accept, but this has been said to be how we young women apply and wear our makeup.

The edges of the lipstick you just applied to appear smudged and imperfect.

This is what inspired the snogging makeup trends in the first place.

Applying it is simple and all you have to do is use your lipstick shades of the same color to achieve the smudged lipstick look.

You start by applying in the middle of the lips, then you layer it with a deeper shade of lipstick, and finally diffuse the final look outward using even much deeper color.

You might think it will be a crazy final look, but with these advanced smudged lipstick trends, it is soft and to look at.

5. Pale or Faded

Pale or Faded

Pale or Faded – Image/Shutterstock

If blurred lip trends aren’t your thing, you can try the faded or the pale lipstick application.

The main aim of this type of smudged lipstick look is to thin out your lips by darkening specific areas of the lips during application.

This being a new trend in the beauty industry, you need to know and identify the best snogging-makeup trends and develop some of the biggest beauty trends of all time in the process.

To achieve this faded look, apply your lipstick on your lips all over, swab using powder, and apply concealer at the edges all around.

This lessens the full look and brings in a subtle but cooler final appearance.

6. Sexed Up

Sexed Up

Sexed Up – Image/Shutterstock

Looking cool and appearing cool is different.

This is a smudged lipstick trend that is designed to portray women as strong while being cool and approachable.

To achieve it, all you need is to have two types of lipsticks of the same color shades.

You are then to apply the lighter shade first on your lips, then color the center of the mouth using the darker shade of the lipstick.

Soften the snogged lips using a q- tip and blot the extra lipstick using a tissue.

7. Dramatized

Gucci Westman came up with the most mysterious adventurous look that can also be described and a dramatized gypsy look.

This snogging-inspired makeup is one that clearly works and is highly inspiring to young people.

To achieve it, you have to apply lipstick and a lip balm to cover your lips, then use a deeply colored lipstick to stain the outward appearance and add a smudged lipstick at the center, maybe top and the bottom side of your lips.

8. Stained


Stained – Image/Shutterstock

Even though of wearing lip makeup and leaving before you are able to complete it or completing it and yet it looks incomplete?

You can have a severe headache trying to understand that statement.

However, this specific smudged lipstick trend can also be said or described as done or undone.

It is achieved by applying makeup and then removing it all out and leaving the shadow to be your makeup for the day.

All you have to do is apply your lipstick and beauty routine as usual.

Then use a tissue and blot done the excess lipstick.

Finally use another piece to rub off the remaining lipstick leaving the pigment or a shadow of the real lipstick on.


Que: How do I make my lipstick look smudged?

Ans: Simply apply your lipstick into the centre of the lips.

Que: Will red lipstick rule 2024?

Ans: The red lip will simply never go out of style, it will be a big style hit in 2024 as well.

Que: What is the makeup trend for 2024?

Ans: Makeup trends for 2024, graphic liner and offbeat eyeshadow shades to Y2K glossy lips and XXL fluffy brows.

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