Top 9 Party Hairstyles That Would Last All Night Long

  • 1. Cornrows

  • 2. Wavy, Volumized Hair

    Wavy Volumized Hair
  • 3. Punked Braid

    Punked Braid
  • 4. Long And Straight

    Little Black Dress
  • 5. French Braid

    French Braid
  • 6. Low Bun

    Low Bun
  • 7. Soft Curls

    Soft Curls
  • 8. One Sided Dip

    One Sided Dip
  • 9. Messy Bun

    Messy Bun

Never run out of “wows” and “ahas” to bask with whether you’re celebrating a wedding or simply out at the bar partying. Below are 9 ways you can effortlessly bring your hair up to trend without so much effort — zero extra hand required.

1. Cornrows


Of all the party hairstyles included in this list, this will probably take the most time to finish but also the most durable of all. Simply section hair. Work section by section, taking a tiny clamp of hair strands to work out fine braids. You can leave this style on for weeks, just make sure you know how to clean your scalp and tresses during this period.

2. Wavy, Volumized Hair

Wavy Volumized Hair

Tiss, mousse, spray and blow dry your hair to achieve more volume instantly.

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3. Punked Braid

Punked Braid

Single, reverse braid your hair, pulling tightly every time. Once done, pull the top portions to loosen up the hair until a thick hump forms on your hairline. Spray into place.

4. Long And Straight

Long And Straight

If you have naturally long, silky hair, this is easy but if not, it can be just as easy if you know what to do with your iron straightener. Always use protective hair spray when you heat treat.

5. French Braid

French Braid

To get the most classic of all party hairstyles, tiss and spray hair with medium hold hairspray. Part hair with one side thicker than the other. From top to bottom of the thinner side, work with small sections of hair. Each time pulling back and holding with hair pins. Once done, do the same with the other side. Tuck up any remaining hair with hair pins. Accent with a clip if desired.

6. Low Bun

Low Bun

Tie hair into a low pony. End the last cycle with just enough remaining hair to wrap around the bun and hide the elastic. Use hair pins to keep style in place.

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7. Soft Curls

Soft Curls

There are quick hacks to achieve this. One is to pull up your hair in a high pony. Use a hot barrel to curl the ends, working section by section. Once done, remove the elastic and let loose. Another is by braiding hair tightly, applying hairspray then loosening up the braid.

8. One Sided Dip

One Sided Dip

Part hair in high-low style. Use small hot barrels to create fine curls. Let the thicker side hang over your shoulder. Clip one side with florals.

9. Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Follow the steps in Style No. 2 above. Then, pull back hair into a middle bun. Leave just enough hair to wrap around the elastic. Use hair pins to keep the style in place. Loosen up some hair on the top and bottom of your bun to allow a few strands to provide a flattering frame to your face.

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Fashionistas never fail to remind the rest of us that, “an outfit is never complete without a great hair to complement it”. Perhaps you should even spend more time getting your hair done than choosing the perfect dress or shoe.

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