Vibriance Super C Review – Should You Trust This Product?

Will Vibriance Super C use natural ingredients to help you get rid of wrinkles without side effects? Find out here! We also talk about if it works and price.
By - Updated March 27, 2023

What is Vibriance Super C Serum?

Vibriance Super C Serum is an anti-aging serum designed to smooth out wrinkles and lines and the face and tighten the skin.

The product can deeply hydrate the skin, so it’s a good moisturizer. It can make the skin smoother and restore its youthful look.

Pros and Cons of Vibriance Super C Serum

Vibriance Super C Serum

  • Form:Serum
  • Skin Type:All Skin Type
  • Benefit:Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Lifts, Firms
  • Ingredients:Hyaluronic Acid, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Brand:Vibriance
  • Weight:1 Fl. Oz.


  • This product can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It can restore the skin’s youthful appearance.
  • The serum could hydrate the skin deeply.
  • It restores the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • It can make the skin smoother.


  • Hyaluronic acid can cause a rash in some people.
  • The bottle is small for the cost.
  • There are many active ingredients, which increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Who is the manufacturer of Vibriance Super C Serum?

The manufacturer is a company called Vibriance, which is in Atlanta, Georgia. This organization is solely dedicated to producing the highest quality skincare products possible.

They are proud of the fact that they use only natural, organic ingredients.

What are the active ingredients in Vibriance Super C Serum?

There are several substances included in this anti-aging serum. Here are some of the primary active ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: This is a humectant that draws a huge amount of moisture, helping to give the skin volume and smooth out wrinkles and lines. It deeply moisturizes the skin. A review in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules said that this is an excellent skin rejuvenating molecule [3].

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: This is a variation of Vitamin C, and it’s very high in antioxidants. This can help to repair damage to the skin, restoring its youthful appearance. An article in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal explores the role of Vitamin C in dermatology [4].

Vitamin E: This vitamin has rejuvenating properties for the skin and can even diminish the appearance of scars. It’s also an antioxidant that can help repair skin damage. The Indian Dermatology Online Journal discusses the important role Vitamin E plays in the field of dermatology [5].

Pro-Vitamin B5: This antioxidant may reduce inflammation and redness in the skin, while also possibly hydrating and moisturizing the skin [6].

How Does Vibriance Super C Serum Work?

Some antioxidants can repair damage to the skin and restore its youthful appearance.

They kill harmful free radicals that can harm the skin. An article in the Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia talked about the way antioxidants enhance the skin.

The product is rich in anti-inflammatory agents which reduce swelling and redness. The International Journal of Molecular Science looked at the positive skin barrier repair effects on anti-inflammatories on the skin.

The product also deeply hydrates the skin, which helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It also moisturizes the skin.

Is it worth buying Vibriance Super C Serum?

It is absolutely worth buying this cream. The customer reviews for this serum are amazing, including many on the Better Business Bureau’s site.

These are genuine reviews from users who found that the product gave them real anti-aging benefits.

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Que: How much is Vibriance Super C Serum?

Ans: You can purchase this on the manufacturer’s official website, and from other third-party retail websites. On the manufacturer’s official website, the prices are as follows:

One-Time Purchase

  • 1 Bottle – $47
  • 2 Bottles – $80
  • 3 Bottles – $98


  • 1 Bottle – $42.30
  • 2 Bottles – $72
  • 3 Bottles – $88.20

Que: Who should use Vibriance Super C Serum?

Ans: This is an anti-aging serum that also has tremendous other benefits for the skin. The product can be ideal for anyone who is looking to diminish the signs of aging on their skin. However, it would be beneficial to anyone for its skin health benefits.

Que: Are there any side effects of using Vibriance Super C Serum?

Ans: There’s always the possibility of having a rash or allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid.

CAUTION: If this occurs, stop using the product immediately and see a physician if you think it’s necessary.

Que: How should you use this Serum?

Ans: Begin by cleansing your face as usual and patting dry with a towel. Then take a small amount of the product and spread it evenly all over your face and neck. You may add moisturizer and makeup over the serum if you wish.

Que: Does Vibriance Super C Serum have a return policy?

Ans: The manufacturer is offering a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the product for any reason, contact the company and send back the bottles within the first year after your purchase. You’ll get your full refund, minus the return shipping fees.

Final Verdict: Vibriance Super C Serum Reviews

It is by all appearances a good product. Although it’s not cheap, it’s by far less expensive than other similar products such as DRMTLGY Needle-Less Serum & Skinception Rosacea Treatment on the market.

The user reviews for this serum were excellent. Users were very happy with the anti-aging results they got from this product and wanted to share that information with others.

There were no reviews that mentioned having any side effects. However, with so many ingredients, there is always the chance you’ll have an allergic reaction or rash.

If this happens, discontinue the use of the product immediately. If you’re seeing a dermatologist, make an appointment and get approval before using the serum.

As we age the composition, texture and appearance of our skin changes. Signs of skin aging include wrinkles, fine lines, loss of moisture, uneven tone, and dull, tired-looking skin. There are countless anti-wrinkle creams on the market promising to make skin look and feel younger. Many anti-wrinkle creams promise everything short of a facelift or to provide the much sought after "fountain of youth". In reality most are just moisturizers marketed as anti-aging products.

Below you'll find some of the most effective wrinkle serum formulations on the market today, in our opinion:


Our Top Wrinkle Serum

#1. DRMTLGY Needle-Less Serum

Overall Grade: A+
DRMTLGY Needle-Less Serum Rating Editor Rating Learn More >>
Smoothes Wrinkles*
Improves the Look of Skin Fullness*
Tightens Large Open Pores*
Hydrates the Skin to Give a Radiant Glow*
Promotes a Youthful Appearance*
Ingredient Safety
Projected Effectiveness
Return Policy
Customer Satisfaction
Overall Rating 4.9/5


  • Feels Super Light on Skin
  • 60 Days money-back guarantee
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Has a luminous finish
  • Non-messy opaque liquid
  • Non-messy lotion base
  • Lightweight formula
  • Easy-to-use bottle with dropper
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Fragrance free formula


  • Different skin types may experience different results

Customer Review & Rating: 4.9/5

"This is the holy grail. I have seen a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels. My crows feet have become minimal in my 60 year young face. I am addicted to all products in this line. They all work and are affordable." - By Liz Melendez


The DRMTLGY Needle-Less Serum is perfect for the people witnessing the fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone & other anti aging problems. The product contains incredible active ingredients, the customer reviews have claimed it worth the price. The serum is lightweight on skin & is clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging.

Check Price >>

#2. Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum

Overall Grade: A
Skinception Rosacea Treatment Rating Editor Rating Learn More >>
Improve Skin Elasticity & Firmness*
Improves Bloodstream*
Minimizes the Redness and Inflammation*
Reduces Skin Discoloration*
Reduces Wrinkles*
Ingredient Safety
Projected Effectiveness
Return Policy
Customer Satisfaction
Overall Rating 4.8/5


  • The ingredients have high penetrating abilities
  • Enhances the skin tone
  • Free-Shipping.
  • Reduces premature aging effect
  • Reduce visibility and the number of spider veins.
  • Clinically Tested Ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Prevents New blemishes to form


  • Due to popularity, sometimes it's on backorder/sold out

Customer Review & Rating: 4.8/5

"This is the first product I have used so far that really helped me to calm down the redness and hot feeling on my face. I use it twice a day in the morning under my makeup and UV cream and in the evening, before I use vit. C night cream. It makes a huge difference! 1 bottle lasts for a month for me" - By Shelley Soden


The texture of Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum is delicate and silky. It absorbs into your skin rapidly and does not leave your skin feeling oily or sticky after use. has a nice scent to it as well! To achieve the greatest benefits, it is crucial to cleanse your facial skin as directed on the label before application. Your skin will have a beautiful texture after using this serum. No more moisturiser will be required before wearing makeup.

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#3. Kollagen Intensiv

Overall Grade: A
Kollagen Intensiv Rating Editor Rating Learn More >>
Diminishes Fine Lines & Crow’s Feet*
Minimizes Dark Circles*
Improve Skin Firmness *
Accelerate Natural Collagen Production*
Prevents Photo-Aging Damage*
Ingredient Safety
Projected Effectiveness
Return Policy
Customer Satisfaction
Overall Rating 4.8/5


  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Comes in a easy-to-access jar
  • Paraben free
  • Non-greasy
  • Available easily online
  • contains the patented peptide, SYN®-COLL


  • No free trial.

Customer Review & Rating: 4.8/5

"I'm a 32-year old professional actor and dancer. At my age getting jobs as a dancer gets more and more difficult. Because of this, I want to hide my real age as much as possible. That's why I started using Kollagen Intensiv. I'd heard about it before by good reputation, which is why I chose this specific cream. I concur that Kollagen Intensiv is an incredible anti-aging cream that really does work. My skin feels and looks amazing, and I could swear that I appear 10 years younger at least. I am so happy I found this product! It has done amazing things to my skin!- By Delilah


Customers have shared their positive feedback about Kollagen Intensiv that from fine lines and wrinkles to sagginess and even pigmentation problems, each and every one is covered well by this anti wrinkle cream. The product is formulated in such a way that it boosts natural collagen production & hence provides a nourished & hydrated skin all day long.

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Customer Reviews for Vibriance Super C

Vibriance Super C Review – Should You Trust This Product?
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3.4 / 5.0

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  1. Amanda

    Your Rating:

    I'm still on the fence about it
    I’ve used almost the whole bottle and really haven’t noticed any improvements or issues with it. Not sure if I’ll continue to use. I was hoping I would notice something. I do love the smell and it goes on really well. Doesn’t take much. Maybe I’d consider continuing but using 2x per day.
  2. Kia

    Your Rating:

    I ordered it after seeing the Facebook advertisement and being intrigued. The most of the time when I order items, they never do as they promise—not even THIS ONE. In December, I’ll turn 75. My skin has always been good, but now it’s even better. My skin felt better starting on Day 1. It appears vivacious, radiant, and smooth. When asked what products I use on my skin, I immediately respond VIBRANCE C SERUM. I appreciate you making this fantastic serum. Florida’s Naples, Billie D

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[4] Iliopoulos F, Sil BC, Moore DJ, Lucas RA, Lane ME. 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid: Characterisation and investigation of single solvent systems for delivery to the skin. Int J Pharm X. 2019;1:100025. Published 2019 Jul 19. doi:10.1016/j.ijpx.2019.100025
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