Are you tired of dealing with crepey, aging skin that no amount of lotion seems to fix? Look no further than InvisiCrepe Body Balm – an innovative anti-aging formula that’s been receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers. Read our detailed InvisiCrepe Body Balm review before purchasing it online.

What is InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

InvisiCrepe Body Balm is a skincare formula developed to slowly, but surely erase the look of crepey, sagging skin on any part of the body.

It consists of ingredients that claim to work together to stimulate the repair of damaged skin and enhance the skin’s natural protective barrier. Regular use results in smoother, firmer, and more elastic skin.

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4.6 / 5.0

InvisiCrepe Body Balm

About The Manufacturer – City Beauty

InvisiCrepe Body Balm is a product of City Beauty, a US-based company that seems to specialize in skincare products.

Although they have an official website, not much is written about the company itself.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Nonetheless, all their products are provided with complete information and this body balm is among their best-sellers. It is frequently bought along with another product – the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream.

Brand Highlights

  • Free U.s. Shipping
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Parabens, Phthalates & Sulfates Free
  • Formulated Without Mineral Oil

InvisiCrepe Body Balm at a Glance

Form: Cream
Skin Type: All Skin Type
Brand: City Beauty
Ingredients: AcquaCell, DL Lipids, Niacinamide, Ribose
Benefits: Improve Appearance In Skin’s Smoothness
Weight: 5 Fl Oz
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City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm Ingredients

InvisiCrepe Body Balm gets rid of crepey skin through three main mechanisms, which will be discussed later. Such mechanisms are made possible by the following key ingredients:


Hydration boosters that not only deeply moisturize the skin, but also improve its ability to retain moisture so the skin feels hydrated all day.

DL Lipids

Like AcquaCell, it provides intense moisturization to the skin, owing to its ability to carry water up to 15 times its own weight; it also helps retain moisture by inducing long-term enhancement of the skin’s protective barrier.

Lactococcus Ferment Lysate and Oat Bran Extract

Cell growth powerhouses that are said to stimulate cell regeneration, resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

Lens Esculenta (Lentil) Fruit Extract

Fruit Extract: This fruit extract contains moisturizing vitamin B5.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


A protein network synthesizer that strengthens the dermal matrix and therefore the skin’s protective barrier; it stimulates collagen and elastin production (by as much as 54%), making the skin smoother and more plump.


A plant-derived nutrient that increases the energy level of fibroblasts, so they’ll be able to produce more collagen; increased collagen improves the skin’s internal structure, making it tighter, firmer, and overall-younger looking [1].

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Reviews – Does It Work?

When the skin loses moisture, it becomes thin, wrinkled, and sagging – in other words, crepey. Aside from the face, crepey skin is also apparent in other areas such as the neck, chest, upper arms, hands, and knees.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm works to solve this problem in all these areas by deeply hydrating the skin, inducing cell regeneration, and strengthening the skin’s protein network support.

Increased hydration results improve skin texture and consistency.

The cream also claims to help retain moisture by enhancing and sealing the skin’s natural barrier so moisture won’t easily slip away. This results in long-lasting moisturization.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Pros and Cons

Green Signal

  • It claims to provide intense, lasting moisturization to crepey, dehydrated skin.
  • It is designed to strengthen the dermal matrix and the skin’s protective barrier.
  • It might smoothen out fine lines and deep wrinkles.
  • It also claims to render thin, sagging skin firmer and more plump.
  • It is recommended for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Red Flag

  • There haven’t been any reports of disadvantages associated with the product

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InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

Is City Beauty Skincare worth buying?

According to Invisicrepe Body Balm Reviews, it is more than just a moisturizer that helps increase skin hydration. It also has other benefits, like increased collagen production, which improves the product.

It is better than your usual body lotion because it provides longer-lasting effects. However, it is not as affordable. Price seems okay, given the amount you’ll get per jar, but many individuals still find it pricey.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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InvisiCrepe body balm Reviews – What Do Real Users Say?

Here are a few City Beauty InvisiCrepe body balm reviews from the official website that may help you know the product’s versatility.

InvisiCrepe Body balm
The body balm is amazing I’m 54 years old. I used it on my face too .. I swear to you my face looks 24 yes old now ! I get compliments all day long ! Plz get this product ! It’s AMAZING
Paige Thompson

No more crepy skin!
This cream is amazing! It instantly reduces the look of crepy skin on my upper arms. I’m ready to reorder!


Q.How much is InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

A. InvisiCrepe Body Balm is supplied in jars containing 147ml product. It costs $60 plus free shipping. Those who subscribe to the auto-ship option will get a 26% discount.

Q.Who should use InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

A. InvisiCrepe Body Balm is for anyone who wants to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin on any part of their body.

Q.Are there any side effects of using InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

A. InvisiCrepe Body Balm is free of any harsh ingredients that may potentially irritate the skin, but it is advised to stay away from it if you’re allergic to any of its components.

Q.How should you use/apply InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

A. To use InvisiCrepe Body Balm, apply it on clean dry skin. Dispense a small amount of the cream and smoothen it all over the areas where you wish to see improvements. Massage the area gently until the product is absorbed. Use it once a day.

Q.How long does it take for InvisiCrepe Body Balm to work?

A. You may see instant results, or it may take up to 60 days. InvisiCrepe Body Balm users usually experience skin that looks firmer, smoother, and younger within the first 30 days of use. Either way, you’ll see the results just keep getting better.

Q.Does InvisiCrepe Body Balm have a return policy?

A. InvisiCrepe Body Balm, along with all other products of City Beauty is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee entitles unsatisfied customers to a full refund minus the shipping fee.

Q.Where to Buy City Beauty Products?

A. You can buy this product on the manufacturer’s official website for $60. There are other online retailers like Amazon and Wallmart which sell this cream.

Q.Can you use InvisiCrepe body balm on your face?

A. Yes. it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Invisicrepe Body Balm Review

Invisicrepe Body Balm Reviews – Final Verdict

Crepey skin is the most obvious signs of skin aging and lots of products like Neora Age IQ, and Derma RPX have been formulated to reverse it.

Most of the anti-aging products in the market are specifically made for the face and neck areas only.

For the other parts of the body, most people think that body lotion is enough, but the manufacturer of InvisiCrepe Body Balm obviously doesn’t think so.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm is like your anti-aging face cream, but for the other parts of the body.

Based on customer reviews, this product has so far done a good job of improving their crepey skin.

Despite this, many people are still thinking twice about trying this out, mainly due to the price. We suggest that you give this a try nonetheless to see the results for yourself.

Where To Find It?

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