What is Chinup Mask?

Chinup Mask for a starter set that includes 7 treatments, promises to give you a non-surgical facelift. The starter kit includes the following:

  • 7 sachets of ChinUp Face mask Treatments
  • 1 reusable ChinUp slimming band
  • 1 tape measure

This product was developed and is being distributed by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology and innovation. The idea for this product was a concept that one of the founders developed in response to her mom’s skin aging problem showing up on the jawline.

Pros and Cons of Chinup Mask

Chinup Mask


  • The manufacturer has openly disclosed this product’s contents.
  • The formula has been designed to improve the nutrient content of skin around your face area, which makes this product go beyond just the aesthetics side but it may cause skin irritation.
  • This product brings about results sufficient enough to last you for the full duration of your special occasion.


  • This product may have limited availability and may not be accessible in some territories.
  • This face mask kit is relatively more expensive than other treatments specially formulated to improve aging skin on the jaw and neck areas.
  • Chinup Mask reviews are on the extremes, making your potential product experience highly variable.
  • It contains alcohol which cause skin dryness.

How Does Chinup Mask Work?

Based on claims made by the manufacturer, this product is capable of delivering the following benefits:

  • Give you a significant and noticeable facelift that firms up saggy skin around your face.
  • Improves the appearance of your double chin by as much as 2 cm right after undergoing just 30 minutes of DIY treatment.
  • Firm up the skin around the face area to enhance your facial frame contour.
  • Help you fight the signs of skin aging.

This product works by helping restore your skin’s normal health levels, primarily by boosting your skin’s moisture content but also by supporting the restoration of the energy of your skin cells.

What are the Ingredients in Chinup Mask?

Ubiquinone: Improves your skin’s hydration, it also repairs your skin to restore its once naturally strong capability to capture and retain moisture [1].

Hyaluronic Acid: Enhances your skin’s moisture content by attracting water droplets from the surroundings, causing these to rest on your skin, making it appear fuller, firmer, and more elastic [2].

Vitamin E: Deep nourishes your skin, it also supports the restoration of your skin’s moisture content as well as in rebuilding your surface layer. However, it leads to skin irritation [3].

Adenosine (0.04%): Boosts the energy content of your skin cells, it speeds up the rate of skin repairs, turnover, and regeneration [4].

Caffeic Acid: Loaded with antioxidants, it helps revitalize your skin cells while protecting it from damaging free radicals, and it also has skin healing properties that can help your skin recover from multiple signs of damage and aging [5].

Does Chinup Mask Have Any Side Effects?

Based on this product’s composition, the following side effects may be experienced:

  • Skin irritations and allergic reactions due to several ingredients, including denatured alcohol, butylene glycol, chlorphenesin, triethanolamine, and fragrance ingredients, all of which can permanently damage your skin with long-term contact.
  • Increased risk for reproductive health-related dysfunctions and diseases.
  • Increased risk for developing various forms of cancers.
  • Increased risk for estrogen-related dysfunctions due to parabens.

How To Apply Chinup Mask?

  • To use this Chinup Mask, first, the manufacturer recommends that you measure your jawline.
  • Second, apply the mask and wear the band. Keep your head and neck area still for up to 30 minutes before taking off the mask.
  • During this time, you will feel a warming sensation which can be discomforting but, which is perfectly normal.
  • Once the band is removed, measure your jawline again.


Que: Where can I buy ChinUp–all the sites I have seen no longer stock it?

Ans: Chinup Mask is available online, and users can buy it directly from the company’s official website.

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Final Verdict: Chinup Mask

This Chinup Mask appears to improve loose skin around the face. Unfortunately, user reviews indicate that the improvements are not long-lasting. For a US $80 mask, you’d want more assurance but, that’s just the way it is with skincare products — results vary from person to person. It does not offer any sort of return policy.