Permanent & Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions: What’s the Difference?


The eyelash industry has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. Because of this, many different brands have come up with various products concerned to give you thicker, fuller, and longer eyelashes.

These products include eyelash enhancers, false eyelashes, eyelash straightener, and eyelash extensions, among many other eyelashes growth products.

If you’re sick and tired of all the side effects of fake lashes and confusing FEG eyelash enhancer reviews, you should try eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions are those applied to natural lashes to achieve a desired effect. They come in many forms, sizes, and types.

Find out more about the various types of eyelash extensions and the difference between permanent and semi permanent eyelash extensions with the help of this article!

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Types of Eyelash Extensions

Here are the different types of eyelash extensions depending on the size, application, material used, and duration of effect:

Types based on Method:

  • Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual extensions are each applied to a single eyelash. Although these are arguably the most natural-looking, they take so much time to attach and are pretty expensive at $300 to $500. On top of that, it is hard to ensure they adhere straight to the natural lashes and need to be retouched every few days.

  • Cluster Eyelash Extensions

Cluster Eyelash Extensions

These extensions have a little more strands each, with clusters of hair tied together into a v-shape. They come in many lengths and densities. These are easier and faster to apply than individual extensions and are also much cheaper at $100 to $250.

Cluster extensions can either be knotted at the tip or not. A knot enlarges the surface area for easier glue attachment. However, this makes your lashes look obviously fake and also add to the weight.

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  • Strip Eyelash Extensions


Strip Eyelash Extensions

These are probably the easiest to apply but are also most noticeable extensions. However, these are ideal for one-day shows and events. They last for about 2 weeks or longer. They are also the cheapest at $20 to $60.

Types based on material:

  • Sanitized Human Hair Eyelash Extensions

Sanitized Human Hair Eyelash Extensions

These are made with actual human hair sanitized to prevent the spread of disease or bacteria. Professionals claim that these bond better to the eyelashes.

  • Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk lashes are much darker and give a more dramatic look than other materials, so applying mascara won’t be necessary.

  • Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Probably the most luxurious of all, this material has the most natural look and tends to blend better with the natural eyelashes. However, these can be very costly to buy and have them applied.

  • Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

The cheapest among the four are synthetic extensions made with different artificial materials. These are the safest for the skin and eye. They are also fast and easy to apply, while also being super light that you won’t even notice you are wearing any extensions.

The difference between permanent and semi permanent eyelash extensions

The two types of eyelash extensions can also be classified as permanent or semi-permanent based on the duration of their effect and anchorage.

  • Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

These are like eyelashes transplanted surgically under anesthesia. Real lashes or hair follicles are embedded into the eyelid. This procedure is usually done on people who have lost their eyelashes or are unable to grow natural lashes such as those undergoing chemotherapy.

You can get permanent lash extensions by transplanting or grafting. These last a lifetime and require minimal maintenance as the lashes grow out by themselves. However, you do need to trim them since they won’t fall off and do not follow the 3 stages of normal eyelashes growth cycle.

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  • Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelashes are extensions glued to natural eyelashes and are those described previously with different types and materials. They are permanently attached to your eyelashes.

The key to semi-permanent extensions is the glue used to attach either clusters, strips, or individual extensions. The better the glue and the more skill that went into the application, the longer will the extensions stay in tact.

However, since your lashes normally shed off, the extensions only last as long as your real lashes are attached to your lid, thus the term semi-permanent. Falling off of eyelashes usually happens every 60 to 90 days.

As for the procedure, semi-permanent extensions can be applied at home or by professional aestheticians in salons. They also come at a lower price than permanent ones.

To prolong your semi permanent extensions, you have to take care of it with proper hygiene and maintenance. To do this, do not use any oil-based cleaning products that can dissolve the glue and cause your extensions to fall off.

To clean your eyes with semi permanent lash extensions, use water-based cleansers and clean the actual lash line carefully and gently. You can also use boiled water cooled to warm temperature with a few drops of baby shampoo.

Apply this using an applicator or cotton bud to wipe along your lash lines. This will remove any bacteria or leftover makeup or dirt that can potentially harm or irritate your eyes. This will also keep your extensions in top condition. Do this at least twice or thrice per week.

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Difference Between Permanent And Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

The main difference between the two could be summarized as:

  • Permanent extensions cost more, around a few thousand dollars while semi permanent ones can range from a few hundred dollars or cheaper.
  • In terms of maintenance, permanent extensions only need occasional trimming while semi permanent ones require touch ups or reapplications every few days or weeks. It is also not advised to wash or wet semi permanent extensions as this can shorten their stay on your lashes.
  • Permanent extensions should last a lifetime while the most semi permanent lashes can stay is a year with proper maintenance.
  • Semi permanent lash extension application is also virtually pain-free while grafting of permanent lashes may be painful and need a recovery period.

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The main difference between permanent and semi permanent eyelash extensions is their longevity, but they also differ in cost, maintenance, and application. You can opt for any of these two depending on your budget and your commitment to getting better, longer, or thicker eyelashes.

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During our research, the skin care specialists we consulted provided useful tips that contribute to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy eyelashes, including the following:

  • Be certain to consistently apply the product(s) you choose in accordance with its directions for use;
  • Pay special attention to removing any makeup that you have applied both mascara as well as eye shadow prior to bedtime;
  • Eating a healthy diet that contains milk and fish can help strenghten eyelashes;
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay well hydrated;
  • Avoid excessive intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as they may contribute to dehydration and exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and
  • Be sure to get adequate rest every day

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