Lift You Sagging Eyes Naturally With These 7 Execises

Is sagging eyes making you look dull?

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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Treat your sagging eyes
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Whooa! Experiencing a case of droopy eyes recently? It does send off an alarm and you must be driven to panic, even shock, at seeing that your eyes are beginning to sag. Sad, truly but, it doesn’t have to be tragic. While there are so many reasons why sagging eyes appear, there are also quick, quite inexpensive solutions like eyelid exercises to help get you through this rather unwelcome change in your skin.

Causes of Droopy Eyelids

First order of the day: Attempt to answer that nagging question, “Why are my eyes droopy?” Only when you figure out the answer will you be able to come to terms with your skin’s new reality so you can live with it and deal with it more effectively. To do that, you need to know what causes sagging eyelids. Listed below are just a handful of the causes:

1. Aging. Senescence[1] or, your body’s natural mechanism for aging and slowing down, could be the main culprit. Although nothing is stopping senescence from setting in, there are some factors that can affect when the condition begins to manifest.

2. Gravity. Just as Newton’s Law of Gravitation states that objects are constantly exerting force against each other depending on their mass and energy, your skin is constantly subjected to the Earth’s gravitational pull as well. Can you use the principles of rocket science to escape the Earth’s gravity then? Highly unlikely, so even this factor is a given and there’s not much that you can do about it.

3. Lifestyle Choices. What you eat, what you drink, if you smoke, how much sleep you are getting — all of these daily choices you make add up to influence how and when your skin ages and how gracefully it does when age does start to show on your skin.

4. Skincare Habits. Years of subscribing to the skincare regimen that’s appropriate for your skin type can make a huge difference in how soon your face starts creasing and even reduce puffy eyelids. Premature aging can be beaten by educating yourself sooner about why you need to use eye creams or how to make eyelids firm. Occasionally getting procedures like eye bag removal treatments may help your aging skin brave through these significant changes.
5.Environmental Stressors. This includes pollution, heat, and sun exposure which can infect and clog your skin but, most notably, permanently degrade the quality of your skin by attacking your skin cells. This is why the best products for puffy eyes and for skin of any age, in general, are those that are loaded with powerful antioxidants that defend your skin.

Exercises For Sagging Eyelids

Before going into the techniques, it might be reasonable to immediately jump into the question, “Do eyelid exercises work?” Here’s the honest-to-goodness answer: It can work ‘IF’ done properly and with consistency. Eyelid exercises are effective because the eye area is surrounded by an eye muscle[2] which, just like any other muscle in your body, responds well when regularly worked out.

If you’re eager to try it, here are 7 eyelid exercises to incorporate into your daily skin care regimen:

1. Shrink Puffy Eyes Exercise For Saggy Eyelids.

Shrink Puffy Eyes Exercise To Get Rid Of Saggy Eyelids

Exercise for shrinking puffy eyes

Place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and let your middle fingers rest on the inner side of both eyes. Lightly pull downwards and sideways using these four fingers. Look up the ceiling and squint for at least 10 counts then, relax your eyes and look down. Keep alternating for several repetitions.

2. Upper Eyelid Lifter Exercises.

Upper Eyelid Lifter Exercise Is a Good Way To Maintain Eyesight And Vision

Upper eye lid lifter exercise

Hold the brow bone of each eye using your index fingers. Pull up the skin then shut your eyes gently. Feel the tight pull between your brow bone and eyelid. Shut your eyes tighter for five counts before opening up your eyes again. Repeat.

3. Lower Eyelid Lifter Exercises.

Lower Eyelid Lifter Exercises To Strengthen Eye Muscles

Liftng lower eye lid

This time, bring your index fingers to rest on the underside of your eyes. Pull the skin sideways so you can feel your cheekbones. Look up. Hold for 5 counts before releasing the stare and lightening the hold on your skin. Repeat. This is one of the best droopy lower eyelid exercises.

4. Eyebrow Lifting Exercises To Firm Eye Skin.

Eyebrow Lifting Exercises To Reduce Eye Puffiness

exercise to lift your eyebrows

Place your index and middle fingers on your brow bone. Pull gently upwards and sideways as you bring your brows down against the pulling up pressure of your fingers. Hold for five counts before releasing. Do it again.

5. Eyes Wide Open Exercise For Droopy Eyelids.

Eyes Wide Open Exercise For Face Rejuvenation

Reducing Droopy eyelids

Place your fingertips on the outer sides of your eyes and cheeks then pull up the skin gently in a slanted, upwards direction. Open your eyes and mouth wide open. Hold the pose for at least five counts before releasing. Keep repeating.

6. Eyes Tightly Shut.

Eyes Tightly Shut Exercise For Droopy Eyelids

tightly shutting your eyes exercise

This time, it’s time to do the reverse of the previous eye exercise. Using your index fingers, pull up your skin from under your brow bone while using your thumbs to pull the skin on your cheeks towards the outer corner of your cheeks. Now, try to shut your eyes tight as you keep pulling your skin as instructed. Hold then release. Keep repeating.

7. Facial Yoga For Sagging Eyelids.

Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga

There are some facial yoga poses[3] that you can do to help your skin benefit from this natural facelift exercises, including the ones already mentioned above. You can also try making exaggerated expressions while looking into the mirror: Blow on your cheeks with your mouth closed and your eyes wide open, and do exaggerated winks with your mouth and jaw moving as well as you wink left to right and bank. The bottom line is you need to keep moving those facial muscles to keep them firm, the same principle that applies to every other major muscle on your body.

Firmer Eye Skin

These eyelid exercises are, of course, more suited for daily skin maintenance. Therefore, improvements and positive results become evident with proper and consistent performance over a longer period of time. If it’s quick fixes that you need, a makeup, concealer, a bronzer and a little bit of shimmer can help you achieve firmer eye skin in an instant. There are also procedures like RF Therapy or dermal fillers that can give your eye skin a boost. Nevertheless, it’s what you do to your skin every day that will make the most significant positive contributions in the long run.


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