11 Best Flank Exercises To Melt Away Muffin Top


Many men and women grow muffin tops that, if left uncorrected, tend to get bulkier with age. Flank Exercises are often recommended as a common remedy but, it’s not a flank fat reduction strategy that will cutdown your waistline instantly. So, how do you get rid of back flank fat? You need to get on a weight loss program that involves a complete lifestyle revamp.

What Is Flank Fat?

Flank fat, also termed “love handles” or “muffin tops” are bulges caused by excess fat around the midsection of your stomach all the way to your sides and back. What causes flank fat to show and persist, anyway? Here are the top reasons:

1. You have a calorie surplus. That means your diet and activity do not match. When this surplus happens, your body tends to store those extra calories as fat.

2. You have a diet high on carbs. Carbs coming from bad sources, to be exact. That may include processed foods, white grains, and yes, fat.

3. You don’t exercise enough. You need a regular workout to stay fit and look healthy. Even as you regularly perform flank toning exercises, you may not be optimizing the result of your workout if you fail to perform intense cardiovascular workouts.

4. You subject your body to too much stress. Even exercising too much is not recommended to lose fat in flank area. When your cortisol levels are up, it causes your body to store fat to help your system cope better with stress.

5. You’re not getting sufficient rest and sleep. Again, this causes stress and is one of the lesser known reasons for growing love handles.

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How To Reduce Flanks By Exercise?

What exercise does to your skin redounds to a similar health and good-looks benefits for your midsection. Since one of the most ridiculous myths circulating about how to lose flank fat fast is by performing targeted exercises alone, the list of best exercises for flanks below includes other forms of physical activity that do not necessarily isolate your flanks but are highly likely to improve your overall fat reduction.

Here are 11 best flank exercises that also help you tackle top exercise-related reasons why you are not losing weight:

1. Scissors On Fours.

scissors on fours exercise to reduce flanks

Start with all fours on the floor, palms against the floor, legs stretched with toes pointed against the ground. Bring your right leg under to crossover to the left at just about your waist level. Do this with slow, controlled movements. Slowly bring your leg back to the starting position. Do the same for your left leg. Keep alternating right and left legs. You may also perform tabata training for this routine where you alternate fast exercising for 20 seconds and completely stop for 20 seconds before resuming movement.

2. Squat Twists.

squat twist exercise to melt away muffin top

Start with your legs and feet wide apart. Bend your knees to squat just right[
Starting position only…movement is left leg crossing towards the right hip, then right leg crossing towards the left hip (no photos for that movement)] where you feel the pressure on your thighs and legs. Position your arms in an “L” position, elbows bent and arms leveled to your chest. Twist left to right and back continuously as you squeeze your tummy and maintain an upright posture for your upper body.

3. Side Leg Raises.

side leg raises flank exercise to reduce fat.

Lie on the floor facing your right side, left leg and toes placed against your right leg and toes. Start with toes pointed directly below you. Gradually raise your left leg then hold before bringing it back down without letting it rest on your right leg. Repeat up to 20 times. Shift to your left and do the same with your right leg.

4. Crunches.

crunches exercise to slim your tummy

Lie with your back flat on the floor and your knees bent upwards, locked together. Bring your arms forward towards your toes. Slowly move your back up, taking care not to put pressure on your nape. Attempt to touch your knees every time you come up.

5. Side Crunches.

side crunches exercise helps in toning your body

Start by lying on your side facing your right. Bend both knees in front of you. Place your palms against your nape with your elbows bent and, without pulling on your nape, bring your upper body up. Do the same for the other side. As you build resistance, try to bring up both upper and lower bodies to squeeze the sides of your mid-section.

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6. Discus Throw.

discus throw flank exercise to shape your body.

Do repetitive movements as if you were throwing a discus using one arm each time. Using your right arm, bend your waist and hips to the back towards the left side of your body as far back as you can. Then, with a swift movement, use your arms as if you were throwing a discus. Do the same for the other side. To add handicap, use weights.

7. Side Shift Squats.

Stand with legs wide apart, arms to your sides. Bend sideways to your right as you bring both palms to rest on your right knee. Stand right back up then, bend sideways to your left. Do the same repeatedly.

8. Cross Squeeze.

Stand with legs wide apart, arms raised above your head. Bring your left leg up to your waist, knees bent, as you bring your arms down, elbows bent. Knee and elbow touching each other at your midsection. Do the same for the other side.[

9. Side Kicks.

side kicks exercise to burn excessive fat from body

Using a sturdy chair for support, rest your right arm against the seat, bending your body sideways. Bring your left leg up, knee bent then, kick towards the ceiling with your left arm resting on the sides of your left leg or elbows bent to your back to place weight on your oblique. Do this repeatedly then shift to other side.

10. Circuit Training.

circuit training exercise to improve body metabolism

If you want in on how to stay fit like celebrities, circuit training is becoming a popular workout among Hollywood A-Listers desiring to look great for the camera. Whether you like the indoors or outdoors more, there’s a circuit training that will suit you.

11. Sprinting.

sprinting exercise to improve muscle tone

You can do this Tabata style or sprint continuously for several minutes. Intense cardio workouts such as this is a great way to lose unsightly fat storage around your midsection.

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There are other ways to reduce flank fats that you should also follow to complement your flank exercises. Shifting to a healthier diet is one way to get your body back into great shape. Other ways include giving your body enough time to rest in between workouts and managing your stresses better. Go lose those flanks now!


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