Bubble Butt Workouts – 13 Butts Exercises For Firmer Glutes

know more about how to build a bubble butt? here are 13 butts exercises for stronger glute muscles and for the perfect butts.
AuthorBy Wendy Gould

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2022

13 best butt exercises

Bubble Butt has been trending for a few years now, all thanks to the Kardashian clan! Bubble butts can be seen everywhere.

You always see a woman flaunting her firm and beautiful backside in a magazine or on different social media platforms.

Tons of Instagram celebrities (see Jen Selter, Sarah Stage) have managed to hit the mainstream just by giving bubble butt workout tips on how to get behind to perk up as quickly as possible.

Other celebrities who will definitely get you motivated in getting a shaped rear are Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Candice Swanepoel to name a few.

How To Build A Bubble Butt?

Gluteus Maximus[1] is the main muscle that can be found in the butt area.

It is the largest muscle in the body.

Doing strengthening and firming exercises will make you look incredibly fit and sexy when donning a pair of tight jeans.

Doing exercises that target gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings (the muscles to work on to get the perfect bubble butt) is the key to achieving a fuller behind.

Apart from the superficial benefit, you will also develop a strong rear or impressive glute strength.

How Glute Strengthening Exercise Helps Building Bubble Butt?

Glute strength exercises are essential for overall improvement in the strength and fitness department. Some of the most notable reasons are:

  • Improvement in posture.
  • Reduction in possible knee or hip pain occurrences and also prevents possible back injuries[2].
  • Drastic improvements in your performance as an athlete.
Glute Strengthening Exercises

Glute Strengthening Exercises – Image/Shutterstock

13 Effective Bubble Butt Exercises

Choose exercises that work the deep muscle areas.

Below are 13 effective Bubble Butt Exercises that can instantly boost your confidence:

At the Gym:

1. Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlifts – Image/Shutterstock

This exercise for bubble bum targets the butt and the hamstrings.

How to do Romanian deadlifts?

  • Stand upright, holding a barbell in front of you. Bend your knees and plant your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Bend at the waist while keeping your back flat.
  • Slide down the weight slowly along the front of the legs up to the shin area.
  • Hold for a second. Contracting your butt. Use your core when going back to the starting position.
  • Repeat a few times.

2. Barbell Hip Thrust

Barbell Hip Thrust

Barbell Hip Thrust – Image/Shutterstock

A perfect workout to lift buttocks while strengthening your gluteal muscles, this also targets the abs and lower back.

How to do Barbell Hip Thrust?

  • Place your back against a bench. Place the dumbbell on the hip area, a little over the pelvic region.
  • Hold the bar with both hands as firmly as you can. Thrust your hips upward while squeezing your butt. Make sure that your body is forming a straight line from the neck to the knees.
  • Hold for a second then release to the original position.

3. Dumbbell Side Lunges

Dumbbell Side Lunges

Dumbbell Side Lunges – Image/Shutterstock

An all-around leg workout, it also targets the glutes making it an effective workout for butt lifting.

How to do Dumbbell Side Lunges?

  • Hold two dumbbells in your arm.
  • Step to the left and squat down making your left thigh parallel to the floor. Touch the dumbbell to the floor while extending the opposite leg.
  • Return to an upright position for a quick second.
  • Do the same for the opposite side. This is one rep.

4. Barbell Reverse Lunges

Barbell Reverse Lunges

Barbell Reverse Lunges – Image/Shutterstock

More than just a woman’s bum workout, this exercise strengthens most of the muscles in your low extremities and your core.

How to do Barbell Reverse Lunges?

  • Load the barbell on your back while standing tall. Balance properly, keeping your core firm and tight.
  • Step backward using the right foot. Lunge down until knee is hovering slightly above the floor and the left quad is parallel to the ground.
  • Press up putting the strength on the heels and glutes. Return to starting position.
  • Do the same on the opposite side.

5. Wide Stance Barbell Squats

Wide Stance Barbell Squats

Wide Stance Barbell Squats – Image/Shutterstock

Get Kim Kardashian’s sporty look by doing this particular exercise.

Kim K is a big fan of wide stance squats, add in a barbell for more resistance.

How to do Wide Stance Barbell Squat?

  • Load a barbell on your back. Feet should be about a step further than the usual distance of shoulder width.
  • Exhale, tighten your abs, and work your way to your descent to the floor. Keep your back straight, absolutely no arching. Go down until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Push back up after holding the position for half a second.

6. Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats – Image/Shutterstock

It should not come as a total surprise that some of the most recommended exercises for rounding the buttocks include squats.

Even the simplest version of squatting can do wonders for your behind.

How to do Goblet Squats?

  • Stand upright holding a dumbbell in both hands placing them in line with the collarbone.
  • Exhale as you drop down until the quads are parallel to the ground.
  • Push back up through the heels.

7. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings – Image/Shutterstock

This fast and high-intensity movement[3] not only make it one of the best exercises to get a bubble butt, but it also helpful in burning overall body fat.

How to do KettleBell Swings?

  • Begin in a low, wide squat. The kettlebell should be between the feet.
  • Exhale, pulling your belly button inwards, lower back pinched, and butt squeezed, propel the kettlebell towards the front in one swift motion.
  • Keep the movement under control as you place the weight back on the ground, extending your butt.

At Home No-equipment Workouts:

8. Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat – Image/Shutterstock

No need for additional weight, this exercise is bound to wear you out.

How to do Bulgarian Split Squat?

  • Grab a chair, rest your right foot on it. Take a step out with your other foot.
  • Lunge down until the left quad is parallel to the floor, with your knees not extending outwards beyond your toes.
  • Push back up. Repeat a few times.
  • Do the same with the opposite leg.

9. Lunges


Lunges – Image/Shutterstock

Perhaps one of the easiest of the round butt exercises with a burn that can still surprise you.

How to do Lunges PROPERLY?

  • Maintain proper posture, keeping your back straight and no twisting of lower back or neck.
  • Knees, hips, and shoulders should always face the front.
  • Lunge using right foot. Knees should not be extending past the toes.
  • Repeat a few times before proceeding to the other side.

10. Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks – Image/Shutterstock

A typical Celebrity Butt Workout includes donkey kicks as part of the routine.

The kicks can strengthen your lower extremity muscles in no time.

You can use a band if you want it to be more challenging.

How to do Donkey Kicks?

  • Start on all fours. Knees and hips are aligned.
  • Rest your left knee. Lift the right leg, bending at the knees.
  • The bottom of the right should be parallel to the ceiling.
  • Lift higher. Do a few reps.
  • Repeat on the other side.

11. Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats – Image/Shutterstock

Sumo squats are a perfect way to enlarge your butt and widen your hips at the same time.

How to do Sumo Squats?

  • Stand wider than hip-width distance. Feet should be in 45-degree angles.
  • Extend your butt outwards while you lower your knees.
  • Use both your core and glute muscles while you bring yourself back up to the starting position.

12. Hip Bridge Pulses

Hip Bridge Pulses

Hip Bridge Pulses – Image/Shutterstock

As basic as this move is, it is a great way to get the perfect bubble butt.

How to do Hip Bridge Pulses?

  • Lie on your back, feet on the ground.
  • Extend your hips upwards and pause at the top for no longer than thirty seconds.
  • Lower back down. This is one rep.

13. Basic Squat

Basic Squat For Rounder Bubble Butt

Basic Squat For Rounder Bubble Butt – Image/Shutterstock

How to do basic squats?

  • Stand tall with feet following the hip-width distance. Hips, knees, and toes should be all facing forward.
  • Bend your knees, pushing your butt backward.
  • Knees should never surpass the toes.
  • Weight should be on the heels as you ascend back to the initial position.

How To Get A Bigger, Rounder Buttocks Using Proper Nutrition?

During the recovery period, it is important to supplement your training with a proper diet.

Avoid overconsumption of protein or carbs.

Remember, anything in excess will always do more harm than good.

1. Eat a good amount of protein like tuna, turkey, tilapia, legumes, cottage cheese, and lean meat.
2. For carbohydrates, whole-grain alternatives can help you gain more muscles.
3. Healthy fats like fish oil, olive oil, and nuts will also help you because knowing the lowdown on how to get a bubble butt workout is not enough.


Que: Can you work your glutes everyday?

Ans: Training every day of the week is okay, as long as you structure it so your muscles can recover.

Que: How long does it take to strengthen weak glutes?

Ans: It take three to six weeks to have a significant impact.

Que: Is cycling good for glutes?

Ans: Cycling is an exceptionally good activity to lift and strengthen the glutes.


The benefits of weight training for females are plenty and can bring about a lot of changes in the body.

Some areas may get bigger muscles, while you may lose some fat on some.

This is the reason why pre and post-workout skincare should go hand in hand with training.

Familiarize yourself with ways to improve skin elasticity.

This way, you can make your skin adapt to whatever changes your body may undergo as you train to become a better version of yourself.


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