Dr. Brandt Serum Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?

Dr. Brandt Serum is formulated to jump-start skin's metabolism and restore strength and vitality while promoting and maintaining younger-looking skin.
By - Updated April 13, 2022

Dr. Brandt Serum Overview:

Dr. Brandt 2% Retinol Complex Serum promises to deliver for your skin renewed night after night.

Dr. Brandt Serum Pros and Cons

Dr. Brandt 2% Retinol Complex Serum

  • Form:Serum
  • Skin Type:Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
  • Benefit:Improves The Look Of Skin Texture, Tone, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, And Enlarged Pores
  • Ingredients:Active Retinol Time-Release Complex, Hydra-balance, Olivactive
  • Brand:Dr. Brandt
  • Weight: 1 oz/ 30 mL


  • This product provides you with a more convenient, more inexpensive alternative to clinic-based, professionally administered skin renewal and rejuvenation procedures.
  • This product is rid of toxic and harmful parabens, phthalates and sulfates.
  • The formula is infused with anti-inflammatory properties that can help counter the skin irritation that can be expected from retinol.
  • Brandt retinol serum reviews are practically absent to provide any information on product advantages.


  • This product contains well known skin irritating that include fragrance ingredients and menthol.
  • This product uses phenoxyethanol, a neurotoxin, as preservative.
  • Most of this product’s beneficial ingredients are present in the formula in very low quantities we doubt will result to significant improvements for your skin.

Dr. Brandt Serum – Does It Really Work?

More specifically, this product is formulated to deliver the following benefits for your skin:

  • Gradually release retinol to aid your skin’s natural healing mechanisms every night while you sleep
  • Promote better skin elasticity and, with regular use, firm up your skin
  • Facilitate the restructuring of your skin’s matrix
  • Smoothen out your skin by tightening your pores
  • Lighten dark spots in your skin and brighten your overall complexion

Dermatologist, Dr. Frederic Brandt, is behind this skincare line that has secured an exclusive partnership with Miami’s Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery to keep the brand’s formulas cutting edge and always a cut above the competition.

What Are The Ingredients In Dr. Brandt Serum?

Active Retinol Time-Release Complex: Composed of retinol molecules that are absorbed in your skin but which are released at different times, that is, some instantly while others over the longer term, this ingredient facilitates skin turnover as it stimulates higher levels of collagen production to happen at the same time [1].

Hydra-balance: Made from the complex combination of lemon tree honey, phospholipids, and amino acids, it restores your skin’s dewiness and plumpness and promotes immediate and prolonged hydration that lingers and comforts your skin for hours [2].

Olivactive: Soothes by moisturizing, protects with antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties to relieve irritated skin from itchiness, redness, and other signs of allergic reactions.

How To Apply Dr. Brandt Serum?

Use Dr. Brandt 2% Retinol Complex Serum together with your evening skincare routine, layering the product to be as close as possible to your skin. Work up the frequency of product use to allow your skin to adjust to this product’s retinol content, and always use sunscreen during the day as retinol is photosensitizing.

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Final Verdict: Dr. Brandt Serum

Dr. Brandt 2% Retinol Complex Serum will bring benefits to your skin, thanks to its retinol content which, regardless of concentration, redounds to benefits anyhow. However, this product seriously fails at going beyond providing retinol to give your skin a more holistic rejuvenating treatment.

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Dr. Brandt Serum Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?
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