Cranberry Eyeshadow – Get The Perfect Smoky Eye Look For Fall Weather

Cranberry eyeshadow look is in trend these days. There are so many variations of cranberry eyeshadow shades. Let's take a peek at some of the prettiest one.
AuthorBy Wendy Gould

Last Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Cranberry Eyeshadow - Image/Shutterstock

Once upon a time in the land of far far away, one King decided to build a beautiful temple made of pure glass to celebrate his daughter’s birth.

He dreamed of how marvelously the light of the morning sun would shine through the clear temple’s walls, reflecting the beauty of the dawn.

So he sent the best artists to the different parts of his kingdom to capture the picture of a gorgeous sunrise.

Two months later they all returned and the King ordered them to exhibit their paintings in the Great Hall of the castle.

He walked from one painting to another, amazed by all the fascinating shades of pink, red and golden.

He would not find such wonderful colors of delicate rose wine and deep Burgundy, daring Marsala and noble Bordeaux even in his cellar, and the splashes of tart cranberry, juicy pomegranate and raspberry colored sky on the paintings would make the King’s Main Gardener jealous.

It was impossible to choose the picture of the best sunrise.

And the King decided to build a temple in every part of the kingdom to hail the magnificent beauty of the sunrise everywhere.

And like the King in this story, it’s so hard to choose the prettiest cranberry eye makeup look.

The flaming sunrise of the cranberry eyeshadow palette with its charming shades of wine and berries attracts the attention of trendy fashionistas all around the world.

There are so many variations of cranberry eyeshadow shades; they can be enriched with the golden or silver touch and even with a surprising glance of tourmaline.

Let’s take a peek at the

Most Popular Varieties Of The Cranberry Eyeshadow Look:

  • The leader of this season is the Burgundy Eye Makeup.
  • Its rich and vibrant color generally works with most skin tones and turns out to be a fabulous accent for your party outfit.
  • So, consider having some burgundy vibes in your makeup kit as one of your holiday beauty essentials.
  • Even big fans of the traditional Smokey Eye look could not resist adding up some fire to their classic appearance.
  • Introduced by Kristen Stewart in 2010 (NYC Twilight Eclipse), the Smokey Cranberry Eye quickly climbed up on the high-end fashion pedestal and isn’t going to leave it anytime soon.
  • The quintessence of joy, delight, celebration, and the Holiday Spirit comes with the sparkling Cranberry Glitter Makeup.
  • And finally, for the chocolate-addicted sweet tooth girls, the delicious Chocolate Cranberry Makeup becomes our tempting dessert and the top-notch of our Cranberry Makeup feast!

What Do We Need To Create The Best Cranberry Eyeshadow Look?

Well, first of all, let’s start with our makeup essentials list:

  • Your favorite primer: choice#1 if you’re wondering how to help makeup last longer.
  • It’s very important to choose the right makeup brushes for eyes We will need fluffy blending brushes, flat shaders, and small smudge brushes.
  • Your Cranberry eyeshadow palette should have at least 3 colors.
  • For our Cranberry Eye Makeup tutorial, we will use the MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette, and the colors of our choice are: Poppyseed, Star Violet, and Sketch.
  • MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette

    MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette – Image/Shutterstock

  • The eyeliner or the eye pencil. If you are wondering how to do a Cranberry Smokey Eye, you will definitely need a coffee or black eye pencil to complete your look.
  • Tips: Use the cranberry gel eyeliner as the quick-time solution when you want to keep your makeup very simple yet juicy.
  • The choice of mascara depends on what types of lash extensions you wear (if you wear them, of course).
  • Usually, using water-proof mascara on the extensions is not recommended.
  • Concealer
  • Pair your look with berry-colored or nude lipstick.

How To Achieve Cranberry Eyeshadow Look?

If you want your eyes to look brighter, bigger, and more awake, follow the general eye shape makeup guidelines which help to choose the right makeup for any eye type (like round, hooded, diamond-shaped, prominent, monolid, deep-set eyes and etc…).

Here are some easy tips on how to put eyeshadow step by step:

  • First, use the primer of your choice to ensure vibrant and crease-free wear.
  • Then apply Star Violet Eyeshadow.
  • Use gentle sweeps from the lash line toward the brow.
  • Use the small smudge brush to put some of this amazing shimmering color under the eye.
  • Softly highlight the under eyebrow area with a light touch of Poppyseed Eyeshadow.
  • Use Sketch Eyeshadow to fire up the look.
  • Stay close to the lash line and apply around the entire eye.
  • Blend the colors together, using the bigger fluffy brush.
  • For a Smokey dark look, add some drama with the Coffee Eye Pencil on the waterline.
  • Clean up any fall out with the concealer (make sure you are using the right tone which perfectly blends with your facial foundation).
  • Last step – apply the mascara and enjoy your new Cranberry Eyeshadow look!

Some Extra Tips For Makeup To Stay On Longer:

  • Make your face the perfect makeup canvas so start with good skincare.
  • After a good cleansing (use the right cleanser for your type of skin!) and drying off your face, apply your daytime skincare product.
  • You definitely know why eye creams are important, so don’t forget about them.
  • In summer, make sure your moisturizing base contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage and photo-aging disaster.

Cleansing – Image/Shutterstock

According to Bridget March, the Cosmopolitan beauty editor: “Primer ‘seals in’ your moisturizer and provides a smooth, even surface for makeup.

Not only this, it keeps your makeup from being absorbed, giving it greater staying power.”

So seriously take this good advice from the beauty expert!


Moisturizing – Image/Shutterstock

If you don’t want your makeup sliding off your face, especially in hotter weather, choose an oil-free foundation.

Also remember, that a few thin layers of coverage will stay longer than one thick layer (and look more natural too).

Oil-free Foundation

Oil-free Foundation – Image/Shutterstock

Quick Ways To Remove Eye Makeup:

It’s no surprise that the important part of any makeup tips for beautiful eyes is the one that guides you on how to remove eye makeup gently.

The skin around our eyes is very tender and sensitive. Any rubbing gradually wears it off and leads to wrinkles in the future.

We need something which works very delicately yet effectively (for example, MAC Cleanse off oil).

Indeed avoid any traces of alcohol in your makeup remover solution.

Slightly place a soft cotton pad soaked with makeup remove it to your eyelids and wait until the liquid sets through.

Then gently remove all the makeup and thoroughly wash your face to get rid of leftover residue.

Use your skin-type facial cream to complete your skincare routine.


Que: How do you do smokey eyes?

Ans: Taking the same color just place that on the outer half of your bottom lash line just to tie the eye together.

Que: How do you do a smokey eye for fall?

Ans: Take a small amount of shadow on my brush. Apply. And then blend. And build up the intensity from there.

Que: Can you Tightline with gel eyeliner?

Ans: Gel liner and liquid liner are not safe for tightlining because they are likely to run into the eye.

Que: Do smokey eyes look good on everyone?

Ans: The iconic makeup style looks good on everyone and is universally flattering.


No matter if you are a big fan of any type of makeup or not, we wish for your skin always to stay healthy and radiant!

And maybe this tutorial inspired you to play with the Cranberry Makeup Palette to find your Best Cranberry Eyeshadow look!


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