5 Incredible Benefits of Red Wine For Anti-Aging You Don’t Know

Know more about some amazing benefits of red wine for anti-aging, types of red wine, and how to use red wine for skin?
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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2023

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Does Red Wine Make You Look Younger?

Studies on the health benefits of red wine are often centered on Resveratrol[1], a powerful antioxidant uniquely found in red wines.

By far, the strong antioxidant properties of red wine have been established, along with its effects in enhancing blood flow but, are there any real benefits of red wine for anti-aging?

Dermatologist, Leslie Baumann, writes, “While indulging in a glass of red wine every now and again may actually be good for your skin, don’t overdo it”.

Antioxidants[2] in red wine protect your body cells in general, including your skin cells, from becoming damaged by internal and environmental stress that can age and degrade your skin terribly faster.

Improved circulation derived from drinking moderate amounts of red wine helps transport key nutrients, including oxygen, which your skin needs to become rejuvenated as well as to deliver repairs that help reverse and correct visible signs of skin aging.

What Makes Red Wine Anti-Aging?

First of all, since the anti-aging effects of red wine was discovered in 2003 by Australian-born geneticist, David Sinclair, the experts have been divided on the health, particularly anti-aging, effects of red wine. Sinclair’s work asked, “Is red wine anti aging?” Results demonstrated how polyphenols, resveratrol, most importantly, render red wine anti aging functionalities.

After being subjected to much scrutiny, a decade after, in 2013, Sinclair and his team were able to prove that they were right all along. The 2013 study showed how red wine both inhibited key mechanisms that led to cellular aging, as well as reversed the process.

The same processes worked for the benefit of aging skin.

5 Benefits Of Red Wine For Skin

Benefits Of Red Wine For Skin

Benefits Of Red Wine For Skin – Image/Shutterstock

Red wine owes its skin benefits to polyphenols, with resveratrol as a leading antioxidant. Red wine benefits the skin in the following ways:

1. Red wine enhances your skin’s elasticity :

How does wine make you look younger?

By improving local circulation, your skin cells become better nourished with the key nutrients your skin needs to stay naturally healthy and young-looking.

2. Red wine improves your skin’s firmness:

The significant antioxidant boost that your skin receives from red wine helps protect your skin cells from becoming degraded.

In turn, this improvement causes your skin fibers[3] to become more resilient to damage that can cause your skin to sag and show wrinkles on face.

Know more about what causes sagging skin and to treat them.

3. Red wine smoothens your wrinkles and fine lines:

By revitalizing your skin’s cellular level functions, your skin becomes better capable of delivering skin repairs that help your skin recover from multiple signs of aging.

Know about top rated anti-aging wrinkle cream which smoothens your wrinkle and fine lines.

4. Red wine strengthens skin fibers:

Antioxidants protect your skin fibers from aging and weakening too soon which delays the appearance of visible signs of skin aging.

These properties are are also available in the anti-aging creams, but does anti-wrinkle creams show results?

5. Red wine provides increases your skin’s protection from further damage:

When consumed in moderate amounts, red wine delivers protective and anti-inflammatory functions for your skin.

Does red wine age you?

Much like any other alcohol, yes, it can because of the dehydration that naturally follows excessive consumption.

Types Of Red Wine

Benefits Of Red Wine For Anti Aging Face

Benefits Of Red Wine For Anti Aging Face – Image/Shutterstock

There are many types of red wines that often, like other types of wines, are differentiated based on the regions where the grapes are grown.

It is common knowledge that red wine derives its unique taste from the unique prevailing environmental conditions where the grapes are grown.

Interesting fact! Pinot Noir is the type of red wine that has been found to contain the highest concentration of resveratrol and is, therefore, very well known as the anti-aging wine also.

Do we wonder why there are no red wine-based anti-aging products? If you know any, help us find one!

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How To Choose The Best Anti-Aging Wine?

Choose The Best Anti-Aging Wine

Choose The Best Anti-Aging Wine – Image/Shutterstock

Other than Pinot Noir, the high procyanidins found in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties of red wine help improve blood circulation.

In which case, this is the best red wine for older women and men who may already have special heart and brain health considerations.

Improved circulation resulting from regularly drinking moderate quantities of red wine helps in improving your skin’s youthful appearance but also helps you avoid diseases resulting from poor circulation, including high cholesterol levels, blocked blood vessels, and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Else Should You Use To Slow Down Aging?

Red wine for skin aging should only be part and parcel of a comprehensive anti-aging strategy that best suits your mature and aging skin.

You must complement it with healthier lifestyle practices as well as level up your skincare regimen with the use of anti-aging wrinkle cream such as LifeCell which can significantly boost your skin’s recovery from damage and protect it from future damage as well to prevent more visible signs of skin aging from appearing on your skin.


Que: Is red wine good for anti-aging?

Ans: Yes, red wine can helps to combat the effects of aging.

Que: Does red wine make you fat?

Ans: Yes, it can lead to weight gain.

Que: Does red wine make skin glow?

Ans: Yes, Polyphenols in red wine transform dull complexions and impart a healthy glow to the skin.

Que: How to use red wine for skin?

Ans: Simply dip a clean cotton ball or round in red wine and slide it across your clean face and neck. Using red wine as a toner can help reduce oil, remove dead skin cells, clear pores, and fight acne.


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